Malaysia Islamic Banks Merge for Change

Under the latest news, Malaysia Islamic banking is undergoing change with the government propose merge of Bank Islam, Bank Simpanan and Bank Muamalat. Since this three bank is mainly in serving civil servant, and the impact for after merge for “right sizing” (to eliminate branch and job duplication) , it most likely to take place after
E-SPIN please to package and special bundled of following highly affordable value bundled package for customers who look for in depth application security CBT training that that based on specialization track and platform basis. It inline with E-SPIN specific product technology range and complement each other for the synergize combine results. E-SPIN SecurityInnovation Application Security
Veracode Developer Training Product Overview by E-SPIN
Application Security – Next Generation Application Security Training Unique in the industry, Security Innovation program combines course-based training (CBT) with hands-on simulations and reinforcement assets for the most effective way to build offensive and defensive skills. Learn: 120+ computer-based and instructor-led courses Assess: Pre-assessments place learners in the right course(s); post assessments, quizzes and final

E-SPIN and Security Innovation

Security Innovation Security Innovation, Inc. provides application security testing, software security assessment, awareness and technical training, and embedded system security services. The company offers TEAM Professor, a computer-based software security curriculum; TEAM Instructor, an instructor-led training courses; and security consulting, security assessments, and security training. In addition, the company offers computer-based training (CBT); cardholder data
Paper and Forest products industry in the digital age
Digitalization and Digital Economy has not spelled the end of paper and forest products, but it do require the future mind leaders think out-of-the-box differently and adapt digital transformation for their business model. Paper and forest products such as physical printed book are not going away in the digital economy, fuel by smartphone, tablet and
How to Be Safe from The Hacking of Online Banking
Computer hackers and identity thieves have various ways to access your accounts, steal your cash and ruin your credit. Hackers use malware programs that access your computer through vulnerabilities in your web browser. Identify thieves crack your passwords and personal identification number, or PIN’s, using technology and your own lack of awareness. While you can
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Types of Online Banking or E-Banking

Advantages of Online Banking or E-Banking

Advantages of Online Banking or E-Banking. E-banking includes any transaction you perform using the internet or a mobile device, is becoming more command. Making electronic payments, paying bills and transferring money between accounts are all element of e-banking, which can be done from your cell phone or with the bank, e-banking presents a number of advantages
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Types of Online Banking or E-Banking

Online Banking Problem Which The Bankers Face

Online Banking offers a higher level of convenience for managing one’s finances even from one’s bedroom. However, it continues to present challenges to the financial security and personal privacy. Many people have had their account details compromised, as a result of results of online banking. Thus, if one is going to use it for financial
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McAfee Web Security Product Overview by E-SPIN

McAfee Server Security Suite Advanced

Comprehensive security for physical, virtual, and cloud deployments with whitelisting and change control. McAfee® Server Security Suite Advanced offers consistent and continuous protection across physical, virtual, and public cloud deployments. Comprehensive security includes foundational antivirus, firewall protection, intrusion prevention, whitelisting to protect from zero-day threats, and change control to meet regulatory compliance requirements. Advanced protection
IT & Security Risk Management

McAfee Server Security Suite Essentials

Consistent and continuous protection across physical, virtual, and cloud deployments McAfee®Server Security Suite Essentials offers consistent and continuous protection across physical, virtual, and public cloud deployments. Foundational security includes antivirus, firewall protection, and intrusion prevention to proactively secure against known and new zero-day attacks. Advanced protection minimizes performance impact on physical and virtual servers and