BigFix Insights

Solution Overview

Accelerate risk identification and decision-making with consolidated views of all endpoint data, rich reporting, and integration with your existing Business Intelligence tools.

BigFix Insights

Enables organizations to quickly visualize risk as well as costs while easily finding the endpoint issues that matter most to drive action throughout the organization. The results are quick response, streamlined processes and improved security posture.

Elevated Visibility

Find trends and analyze risk with high-level visibility into the state of your entire endpoint fleet.

Centralized Endpoint Data Repository

Consolidate BigFix endpoint data into a single endpoint data repository for deeper insights and optimized report generation.

Powerful Reporting

Integrates with your existing Business Intelligence reporting tools to generate out-of-the-box and customizable reports with rich visualization and easy filtering to drive more effective remediation decisions.

Features Overview

Increase responsiveness with enhanced visibility. Provide immediate answers to executive inquires with real-time visibility into how endpoints are managed, patched and secured. Find trends and analyze risk easier to identify operational deficiencies and streamline business decision-making and processes.

Simplify endpoint data correlation with single, centralized endpoint data repository. Consolidates BigFix endpoint data into a single data repository for deeper insights using both out-of-the-box and customized reports.

Improve ROI with integrated reporting. Integrates with your existing Business Intelligence reporting tools to generate reports with rich visualizations and easy filtering. This not only drives faster, more effective remediation decisions, it optimizes your existing investments by integrating with tools already in use.


Generate rich reports to meet specific business needs by integrating BigFix data into your existing Business Intelligence tool.

Provide immediate answers to executive inquiries with just a few mouse clicks. Report how endpoints are managed, patched, and secured to identify risk and operational deficiencies.

Consolidate data from all BigFix data sources into a single endpoint repository and leverage out-of-the-box reports “as-is” or customize them to meet your requirements.

BigFix Insights

This workflow operates under the following limitations:

  • The workflow does not bulk process patches to send to BigFix on an interval.
  • As previously described in the trigger behavior, the workflow only sends new vulnerabilities and assets to BigFix in the event of a trigger.
  • The workflow can only implement patches based off content available in BigFix.
  • Vulnerabilities identified by InsightVM that have no relevant patch in BigFix will result in no action being taken.
  • Assets included in the workflow scope in InsightVM must also correlate to available assets in BigFix.
  • If InsightVM includes assets that BigFix is not aware of, no action will be taken for those assets.
  • Assets identified as vulnerable by InsightVM must also be identified as vulnerable by BigFix or no action will be taken.

E-SPIN Value Proposition

E-SPIN being active in the business of enterprise technology from network to system, and application consultancy, network/system integration, project management, training and maintenance support for customers and partners across the region since 2005. With IBM selling the BigFix business in 2019, E-SPIN is starting the business with HCL to make sure all the active and new customers are being able to properly take care of the solution, project and post warranty and maintenance. Feel free to contact E-SPIN for your project and operation requirements.