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International shipping crisis and the rise of supply cost globally, become new news headlines across all the country. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world uses the work perfectly by division of work and production in the cheapest countries and then shipping in bulk containers. Now the issue is due to port lockdown, in particular happening
Digital Health Passport moved to mainstream adoption, in particular after COVID-19 pandemic, every country came out with a digital health pass like issuing vaccination information, or else, prohibiting the person to enter most of the public premise, in the next normal era. As smartphones being so handy and easy to carry, provide real time geolocation tracking, and

Selamat Hari Malaysia 2021

E-SPIN Group Malaysia would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Malaysia customers, channel partners and suppliers, Selamat Hari Malaysia 2021. May all our Malaysia customers and partners to have a remarkable and blessed holiday. Hari Malaysia or ‘Malaysia Day’ is celebrated by the Malaysians to commemorate the anniversary of the establishment of
Over the years, the advancement of technologies has brought about numerous solutions in the healthcare industry through the introduction of various of innovations of new technologies and devices. Nowadays, the application of spatial computing is becoming essential in the healthcare sector especially in hospitals as it shows high potential in promoting better medical practices and
Benefits of Virtual Reality in Real Estate

Basic understanding on spatial computing

The betterment of human life had always revolves around new discoveries through the advancement of technology. One of it being spatial computing. This post aims to provide the basic understanding on spatial computing. What is spatial computing? At the core, spatial computing is an umbrella term of concept that covers various technologies. According to Simon
Today, the advancement of technologies grows at a rapid pace such that new technologies do not need to be introduced. Without even realising or knowing it, we are already using and relies on them in our daily life. This situation is proven with spatial computing, a concept that combines idea, tools, technologies and system that
COVID-19 from response to recovery, then reset is one of the three point plans most of the country is following right now in the various variations of implementation details of it. While the new variant keeps evolving from Delta to C.1.2 and maybe more will be coming, human kind from the last at least 18
Medical robotics had slowly grows over the years with the advancement of technology. In the year 2020, Covid-19 pandemic had opened our eyes and mind to the importance of medical robotics. Many hospitals had started to adopt more robots in order to reduce the risk of the spreading of Covid-19 in the healthcare environment. The
DBeaver is an all-in-one platform that support popular databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Teradata and much more. DBeaver commercial tier comes in three editions which are DBeaver Lite Edition (LE), DBeaver Enterprise Edition (EE) and DBeaver Ultimate Edition (UE). DBeaver Lite Edition (LE) is a perfect choice for users that do not need to

Benefits of Long-term DXP Implementation

Since 1980, from computing, to 1990 to the internet, the world economy is transitioning toward the digital economy. Lot of the words at that time were coin, such as information superhighway, as today we all know it is all about the internet. It provides a platform for the whole planet to connect and share information

Challenges of adopting robots in healthcare

Robots are defined as machine which are controlled by computer that perform task automatically according to Cambridge dictionary. The invention of robots does not only contribute in industrial field but also in healthcare. With medical robotics, the capabilities of robots in healthcare had become broader. Nowadays, more and more robots are employed in the hospitals

Database Management Tool : What is DBeaver?

What is  DBeaver? Every organisation needs reliable database to make informed decision. Business data grows exponentially with the growth of the organisation. Database management is important in maintaining application performance and minimizing effect on continuity and compliance. What is DBeaver? DBeaver is a universal database management tool that allows everyone to work with data in