E-SPIN Greetings For Mid Autumn Day 2019

E-SPIN Greetings For Mid Autumn Day 2019 wishes our customers and partners a joyous celebration on the arrival of Mid Autumn Day 2019. Today is a big day for East Asian communities with families gathering for dinner, lighting lanterns and eating moon cakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival. The festival started more than 2,000 years ago
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For those who had watched Apple September 10 event, will know for new ipad 7th generation, smart watch 5 series, iphone 11 and new “pro” range of iphone 11 Pro, together with Arcade and Apple TV+ subscription at unbelieved USD 4.99 per month each, and free 1 year for any customer who bought new Apple
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Computer Network Defense (CND)

What is Computer Network Defense? Computer Network Defense (CND) is a set of procedure and securing measures that use computer networks to detect, monitor, protect, analyze and defend against network infiltration resulting in service or network denial, degradation and disruptions. CND will acknowledge against an unauthorized activity, for instance within the Department of Defense (DoD)
Rise of Joker A new android Malware

Rise of Joker A new android Malware

With the Joker (2019) new movie just show in the cinema, we get the news for rise of Joker – a new android malware spread across 472,000 mobile device in total. It is a new Android Trojan with malware dropper and spyware capabilities,  somehow being downloads as hidden inside mobile application for 427,000 in total
Cybersecurity Automation and Integration

Cybersecurity Automation and Integration

Cybersecurity Automation and Integration is keyword for what moving for next decade. After few decade of IT evolution, from IT security to modern cyber security, from traditional vulnerability management, like assess and determine vulnerability and likely risk for IT asset (such as networks, end points, application) to modern cyber exposure management, to advise likely cyber
Digital Transformation Modern Workplace Now is one of the theme and topic bring attention from management to employee alike. When company in the digital transformation (DT) journey, implementing what the modern digital business (MDB) required, obviously modern workplace where work get things is one area need to be under the transformation, and with artificial intelligence

How Zigbee Impact the World

How Zigbee Impact the World, a noted wireless security expert once said,”No wireless technology has been more integrated or impacts the physical world more than Zigbee.” Zigbee Alliance, a group of companies that maintain and publish the Zigbee standard is the leading expert in Internet of Things (IoT). IoT help user to communicate with the
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Work Automation and Continuous Intelligence. Just imagine for modern digital business (MDB) able to intelligently optimize business operations in order to improve customer service and internal productivity for effective digital transformation (DT) and achieve Operationalize End-to-End Digital Processes, what will be the benefits:- Automate the multitude of day-to-day processes that build customer journeys and deliver
E-SPIN and PortSwigger

E-SPIN and HCL Business Partnership

E-SPIN and HCL Business Partnership effective since 2019 August. HCL since 2019 it acquire select IBM software products. Include those E-SPIN had supply and maintain for the customer across the region we did business, include portfolio like Appscan for secure application development, BigFix for secure device management, Unica (on-premise) for marketing automation, Commerce (on-premise) for
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What is a Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment? We are refer vulnerability assessment (VA) in cyber security context.  In the past, known as IT security vulnerability assessment, or in short vulnerability assessment. Modern business make extensive use of digital technology, from traditional endpoint computer, laptop, mobile device, tablet, to on-premise and on cloud server, web application,
What is Software Asset Management (SAM)?
What is Software Asset Management (SAM)? Some of you may have a general idea of what is SAM, some of you may not. Today, after reading this article, you will have more than a basic idea of what is SAM. SAM is not just knowing how many certain software installed within your organization. There’s more
The Power of Real-time Continuous Intelligence. As businesses become more software and digital centrist, the importance of real-time analytics is now more pronounced than ever. Some digital businesses have even shifted their business models to adapt to this change. The Power of Real-time Continuous Intelligence (CI), in one word, is automation. It’s not another buzzword