Modern digitally enabled and collaborative workspace
Modern technology is changing at the speed of line, a key term used for less than six months ago, it will be replaced by something more future term, and then replaced by another. This is why we work out this special theme feature post “modern workplace” instead, be it digital workplace, smart spaces, immersive workplaces,
E-SPIN and PortSwigger
Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Jakarta – Indonesia, Bangkok – Thailand, Manila – Philippines January 22, 2020 — E-SPIN Group of Companies, an enterprise cybersecurity, infrastructure and application security management services company headquartered in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong, today entered into a partnership with ImmuniWeb. The partnership allows E-SPIN to offer
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Digital Workplace

Technologies have been growing rapidly for years. The environment of work has transformed beyond our realization and the evolution is continuing quickly. Technologies are creating competent, effective and creative workforce that perform in smart space. This what we called digital workplace where smart space element been implement into the office. Smart space have one main
E-SPIN Group of Companies Enters into Partnership with Netsparker
E-SPIN and ImmuniWeb Business Partnership effective since 2020 January. E-SPIN being proactive in the application security (AppSec) domain since 2005, and supply world class best of breed application security leading and emerging next generation technology for the marketplace E-SPIN did business. Dynamic application security testing (DAST), Mobile application security testing (Mobile AST), static application security
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ImmuniWeb Discovery

ImmuniWeb Discovery is application security product from ImmuniWeb provide attack surface management & dark web monitoring, for self-assessment and third-party risk scoring. It help to reduces complexity and costs of cybersecurity and compliance with continuous discovery of your external digital assets and attack surface. Attack Surface Management (ASM) is enhanced with actionable Security Ratings for

The rise of immersive workspaces

Digital Workplace for the future work is keep changing at the fast pace. From the recent smart workspace, to immersive workspaces. Most of the  company’s are prefer immersive workspaces ,multi-purpose set-ups, permissive a range of office-based use-cases like immersive data visualization, video conferencing, presentations, prototyping, and idealization. This trend features technologies with increasingly enabled mobility
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What is DigitalOps?

What is DigitalOps? DigitalOps stand for Digital Operations. DigitalOps is a new type of company operations. We learns from the consumer technology products we love and use everyday. It understands employees are customers. It knows that to get the best technology, it must look past traditional IT. In the past, consumer-tech took the lead from
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Benefits of Service Mesh

Service mesh is not something new of it capability, but rather a transformation in where it capability is located. Today we will discuss about the Benefits of Service Mesh. A service mesh goals to make service-to-service calls within a microservice architecture dependable, fast and protected. Services mesh which it goals to resolve many difficulties that
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What is Smart Space?

What is smart space? Smart space is new and modern technology term refer an infrastructure for application that create and provide to form and to give value-added services based on cooperative activity of environment participants, regardless human or machines. All devices for example like a display, a mouse, a keyboard or a disk drive, consist
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E-SPIN Group would like to take this season greeting opportunity to wish customer, channel partner and supplier Happy Chinese New Year 2020. Wish yours had a remarkable holidays season and enjoy good times with your family and look forward for your continuous support for the next Lunar new year. Chinese New Year or also known
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Introduction to Deep Learning Security

What is Transfer Learning?

What is Transfer Learning? As human we know and practice related knowledge from past learning and using it to the new one. The more related our previous knowledge with the new job, the easier we can become proficient. The idea is same with Transfer Learning which knowledge learned in one or more source tasks is
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Notice for Malaysian Service Tax (SST) on Imported Digital Services
Notice for Malaysian Service Tax (SST) on Imported Digital Services is something Malaysia customers is fully aware for the government in the progress of implementing it. Malaysia government make the change again after GST to SST, then SST rev and now effective 1-Jan-2020 onward for the Malaysian Service Tax (SST) on Imported Digital Services. List