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More and more enterprise customers are now paying attention to IoC or Indirector of Compromise or in the process attempt to make use of it into their existing enterprise infrastructure and security system workflow setup. The objective is hope to get early warning and proactive action be acting on, before too late for them to do

Operations in the next normal

Operations in the next normal, it is time to recheck again, after a year from the first global COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. For the companies and enterprises that should fall, for whatever reason, it should never exist anymore. For those that adapted and evolved their operations in the next normal, they continue to serve the market.
Top 4 Digital Technologies trends in Retail Industry
What are the advantages of Composite AI approach in industries? While Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a popular term among us, composite AI on the other hand is otherwise. This post will help us understand Composite AI and its advantages to industries. In 2020, Gartner revealed that Composite AI should be one of the technologies focus
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Composite AI approach is a key to good business as it is one of the technologies with high potential impact in improving business through superior data management. Business is all about data. Thus, there is no good business without good data management. Since every organisation aims for good businesses, composite AI should be an essential
E-SPIN Group would like to take this season greeting opportunity to wish all to our Muslim customer, channel partner and supplier Happy Ramadan 2021. Wish all our Muslim had a remarkable and blessed fasting season and enjoy good times with the family and friends. Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar also know
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WhatsUp Gold 2016 What’s New by E-SPIN
For those who in the IT industry for over decade will know, the same field of business domain will not stay static, and it will keep incorporating latest technologies and practice, and evolve into new domain where usually new terms will be coined and used accordingly to try differentiate from the original domain. This post
Retina CS Management Console
Invicti Acunetix Standard vs Premium What the differences? This is one of the common questions. For new and existing customers, note that Acunetix is now being under Invicti for a couple of years. But only recently this two years they let the market know for the change of ownership. You will notice a change of
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The internet continue to serve as a catalyst for productivity, it can also drastically affect the trends in behavior of people in a massive way, since we are now practically internet or online connected or living in the digital economy, where everyone is globally connected to some extent, with the smart watch, smart mobile, pc
Website and Web Application Security trend
Why manual web application security testing matters most, the reason for pick this topic to talk in this blog is from observation, we found out that most of the people, involved IT security officer have tendency for go for hassle free by purely adopted automated web application security testing, with the reason it seem manual

Composite AI over Machine Learning

Recently, many organizations and enterprises had realized the benefit of adapting composite AI over machine learning in managing data analysis. Previously, machine learning which is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building a branch of artificial intelligence based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions
Why DAST and SAST is best combined for the AST approach, the reason is simple, it covers the matter in two key result areas (KRA) most people want to cover and demonstrate vulnerability management and for various regulatory compliance. As most industries and sectors remain, have the practice for outsource and appoint 3rd parties to
Automation and Integration from now and beyond next normal, from on premise to cloud migration. This will be this post. Our human productivity from the began from standalone, then client/server and enter into web application, and recent year open for the mobile application installed into smartphone or tablet, all open up complete new productivity breakthrough,