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Why industry 4.0 matters for everyone, is the opening for this post. We know we are now in the industry 4.0 or transition over, depending on what kind of countries you are living in. Some people know in detail, some know the term but never bother to spend the time to fully understand it, its

What is Operational Security (OPSEC)?

“Loose lips sink ships” “loose lips sink ships” is an idiom that originated in the second world war. This idiom was used as an awareness campaign of American propaganda during World War II. The goal of this campaign is to make people aware of how words have the power to put them at risk and

The benefits of CI/CD tools

Knowing the benefits of CI/CD tools can let you know how important it is. Implementing CI and CD in your projects can provide your software with a lot of benefits that are indispensable. To know more about those benefits keep reading.   Code Quality Using CI/CD tools enhances the code quality. Working separately to fix
In recent years, many companies had shifted to Agile software development methodologies in order to adapt the rapidly changing business demands in IT projects. The following are among the benefits of Agile software development methodologies: Fast Feedback Cycle In Agile methodology, the project is broken into sprints. This allows the team and product owner to

PAWS Studio End of Life (EOL) Notice

Dear customers and business partners, As per Titania officer Nathan Nicholson email dated 16-Jun-2021 to notify E-SPIN, Titania will no longer accept any further orders for PAWS. Any PAWS orders that is being transact, stay calms till it subscription expiration date, but no new order can be make, in another word, end of life (EOL).
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Red Hat OpenShift : Product Overview

What is Red Hat OpenShift ? Red Hat® OpenShift® is a container platform for Kubernetes that can automate the provisioning, management and scaling of applications so that you can focus on writing the code for your next big idea. Red Hat OpenShift lets you manage hybrid cloud and multicloud container deployments. What is included in Red Hat OpenShift?
Since we entered the digital economy, more and more digitalization of the product is being replaced by physical products as the preferred choice or completely phasing out the physical product, or shrinking the demand for physical product. For instance, CD, DVD, Blue-Ray disk, printed book, newspaper, magazines, travel guide and encyclopedia. Phones have become smartphones,
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CI/CD Tools Instead of working separately in developing a software, CI/CD tools provides a shared environment that allows developers to work together so the software can be delivered in high quality and more secure in a short time. CI/CD tools allow the developers to see the changes made by other developers, so all of them
At the blink of an eye, it is the time for the Seasons Greetings for the E-SPIN customers and business partners who celebrate it to enjoy the holiday. Of course we all know, it is not just about dragon boat sport competition. For so many origins, one of them is to remember one of the
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The key to a good software development is to provide satisfying respond to the customer demands. However, the responds provided depend on the software development methodology applied by the company which is either traditional software development methodologies or Agile software development methodologies. What are the differences between the two methodologies? Firstly, the traditional software development
Using DNA to store information and replace current data storage with hard drives and SSD is coming closer than everyone expected. It can be seen as a new storage technology breakthrough. It all began in the 1988 Harvard experiment, then additional experiments were carried out by various scientists. Store the entirety of the Wizard of
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Red Hat® JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP) is a leading open source platform for modern Java applications deployed in any environment. JBoss EAP’s architecture is innovative, modular, and cloud ready. The platform offers powerful management and automation for greater developer productivity. It is based on the open source Wildfly project (formerly known as JBoss