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IT Services Executive

IT Services Executive

IT Services Executive Responsibilities: assist and execute ongoing planning, initiating, organizing and executing IT services delivery – technical, network and software support activities to fulfill and deliver company, brand or product to the world and trying to drum up as much technical response/result as possible managing assigned brands, solutions and project portfolio through various projects
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Driving the next normal 2021 and beyond

Out of everyone expected, COVID-19 pandemic took longer to go over.  Despite having the vaccine start rollout in November and December last year. But we are impacted by COVID-19 variants that spread at 10 times faster than previous years. Like it or not, the COVID-19 pandemic continues, whatever previous thoughts about the next normal will be shifts.
Innovations Shaping the Future of Transportation Industry

Becoming a future-ready company

Becoming a future-ready company in most of the business enterprise and government top decision maker mind. In the COVID-19 wave after another, following with the variants, whether or not the vaccine is effective or not, we still need at least 3 to 6 months to see. But the global economy due to lockdowns and businesses

The value of Internet of Behavior

The Internet of things (IoT), is the connecting of any electronic device to the Internet. We have smart homes where one can control just about everything electronic in the home from a mobile, computer, or tablet. The collection of usage and behavioral data by these IoT devices to give insights to users’ behaviors, interests, and

Anywhere operation, Cyber everywhere

The COVID-19 pandemic forced business leaders worldwide to respond with unprecedented speed and efficiency to new ways of working, new ways of innovating, responding, collaborating, transacting…surviving. Now, as organizations begin to plan for a post-pandemic world, they must ask themselves, “how can we make new ways of work productive, sustainable, secure, and safe?” As COVID-19

Intelligent Composable Business

Composable is listed as a form of the word compose which is defined as “to make or form by combining things, parts or elements.” An Intelligent composable business must be a business that’s made up of a combination of multiple parts or elements. Businesses today are made of numerous constituents all coming together to help

Anywhere Operations for the future

Before 2020 a movement was brewing within knowledge-work organizations. Personal technology and digital connectivity had advanced so far and so fast that people had begun to ask, “Do we really need to be together, in an office, to do our work?” We got our answer during the pandemic lockdowns. We learned that a great many
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2021 and beyond

2021 and beyond, let get real, The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world, and its effects will last. Now you walk out, the whole world is adapted for the social distance, wear a mask and consciously make use of the hand sanitizer, and we do not expose ourselves to the public space without a mask
The Silent Killer: Downtime

What is Cybersecurity Mesh ?

Years ago, cybersecurity focused on building a perimeter wall around the physical organization and network with traditional firewalls and anti-virus software. When people started taking laptops and mobile devices on the road, policy-based security was extended to assets outside the organization. Today a change occurred when the cybersecurity mesh trend was introduced. So, what exactly

What is the Internet of Behaviour

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of interconnected physical objects that gather and exchange information and data over the internet. The number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices has doubled over the past five years and these things are everywhere with us today, from wearable technologies to remote access to electrical devices in
A User Activity Monitoring solution records employee digital activity, making the collected data available for review, reporting, and retention. The onscreen user activities are maintained in a log. This ensures that company data remains secure and the employees are performing their assigned tasks efficiently. The goals you have should dictate which employee activities are monitored
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Since November, the highly-infectious COVID-19 variant that emerged, it now bring in new wave of global threat and impact on the next-normal we expected slowly moving toward world economy recover with all the sector and border open for business and trade. Coronavirus vaccines are being distributed or in distribution, but the rise of the new