Despite the world being fuelled by the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) Industry 4.0 for the project economy and Titanium economy transition. We continue to see a lot of new startups fail due to missing all the opportunities that are missed to capture along the accelerated change.  From capturing the next waves of big things, from
Artificial intelligence or AI is an enigma. When its implementation was first presented to the world, it brought about a crucial question where its answer, until today have yet and may not remove the grey area of AI or the biggest AI problem – AI trust. Significantly, AI adoption is essential as its benefits to
The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) which debuted in 1956 had evolved into a prominent essential in human life. From a robotic figure that is able to solve a particular problem through machine learning to smart appliance that are able to adapt according to the surrounding environment through both machine learning and deep learning, AI technologies
Implementation AI and Automation in Insurance Industry

The Need for AI TRiSM in Organisations

Today, the challenges among business leaders in ensuring the future of their enterprise are overwhelming. Not only, they need to focus on the postpandemic growth, they also have to keep their eye on the effect of recession, controlling the impact of inflation and facing supply chain setbacks. Nevertheless, no matter what the challenges are, it
The world made an aggressive transition toward the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) Industry 4.0, at the speed compound by all the sum of all the industrial revolution. Robotics and Artificial intelligence (AI), from the massive deployment of internet of things (IoT) sensors to smart factories that can on-demand adjust and mass customization that beyond manual
Why Composite AI is so important?
The appliances and services that involve the use of artificial intelligence (AI) are increasing over the years. The dependencies on this technology is elevating as it simplifies multiple of human tasks, making life easier and more convenient. With AI, we are offered with various life hacks recommendation, from the route we need to travel, the

Exposure management-What is Tenable One?

What is Tenable One? Ransomware are expanding at exponential rate. Multiple platforms had been introduced as solutions. Subsequently, numerous platforms come with different metrics, reporting, and training requirements which made it difficult for organisations to communicate their cyber risks – Hence, Tenable introduces the release of Tenable One as an ultimate solution. What is Tenable
Smart Space in Next Normal

The Great Reset toward the New World Order

The Great Reset that impacts the global markets, being brought in the news since COVID-19 pandemic. For the two years alone, we see by our own eye, the great lockdown moment and order, one after another is introduced, and until the world accept co-exist with COVID-19, then it slowly back to let world trade and
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VMware Horizon 6 Technical Overview by E-SPIN
Inertia continues to kill more companies by holding back Innovation, or being the resistant forces for great companies that fail to catch the next wave of big things. The more successful the said companies and have the glory in the past, the more likely they can not let go of the past, whether it is
Titanium Economy is a term used to refer to those world leading industrial-technology companies that are driving innovation and sustainable and inclusive growth. As a group of companies, they are like anchors for the said country or range of the countries where they operated. They are Titanium because they not just merely exercise huge market

JetBrains Code With Me Overview Webinar

JetBrains Code With Me Overview Webinar is a routine hour long technical overview, highly essential and recommended for existing customers who are using developer tool. JetBrains Code With Me Overview Webinar introduces JetBrains Code With Me as a collaborative coding and pair programming service for developers to invite your team into your IDE project to
Burp Suite Professional Latest Release and Update, please read in reverse order, if you interest from the old to latest manner. As the latest release note and build always increment update on the top for this product update. The rational to keep for this post is combine all the related latest release and update for