E-SPIN Group of Companies Enters into Partnership with DefenseCode
  Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Jakarta, Bangkok, Manila December 5, 2018 E-SPIN an IT security, network and vulnerability management services company entered into a partnership with DefenseCode, a company specialized in application security testing solutions to South East Asia and Greater China Region. Hong Kong – China, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia, Singapore, Jakarta – Indonesia,
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Insurance Technologies Trend

Insurance Technologies Trend

The Internet of Things The biggest trend affecting the insurance industry in the coming years, iOT, the term refers to all connected devices in the world. The most obvious example of an internet expert is your home and mobile needs. But increasingly, the car itself – or the new sensor / technology in the car
Network Management System (NMS) as a Service Product Overview by E-SPIN
DefenseCode ThunderScan is a SAST (Static Application Security Testing, WhiteBox Testing) solution for performing extensive security audits of application source code. ThunderScan is easy to use, requires almost no user input and can be deployed during or after development. It is an efficient alternative to the demanding and time-consuming procedure of manual code reviews. ThunderScan
Types Of Database Performance Management Software
DefenseCode WebScanner is a DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing, BlackBox Testing) solution for comprehensive security audits of active web applications (websites). WebScanner will test a website’s security by carrying out a large number of attacks using the most advanced techniques, just as a real attacker would. DefenseCode WebScanner can be used regardless of the web
E-SPIN Group of Companies Enters into Partnership with Netsparker

E-SPIN and DefenseCode

DefenseCode DefeseCode founded in 2010, provides a range of consulting and assessment services to help organizations measure their security posture and build a thorough and compliant security program to support their business strategy. Most of our clients come from the e-banking, finance, telecommunications, insurance, legal, IT and retail sectors. DefenseCode delivers products and services designed
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Top 5 Trends in The Electronic Industry

Top 5 Trends in The Electronic Industry

Since the time of “electronic revolution” hit the telecommunications industry, competition in the field has been increasing rapidly leading to irrational investment and innovation, helping to foster the digital economy. The digital economy supports the development of electronic equipment such as smartphones, watches, TVs, refrigerators, security systems, and of course, eco-friendly electric vehicles. In addition
Online Reviews Give Impact in Travel and Tourism
Usually, travellers will do a research about the place that they want to go, the hotel for their accommodation and also their transportation for the whole journey. With growing of technology nowadays, it gives more benefits to them who want to travel in searching the trusted agent and hotel since there are many scammers out
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Burp Suite Enterprise Edition

Burp Suite Enterprise Edition is Enterprise server class solution for automated and scheduling continuous scanning solution that capable to run high volume of concurrent scanning (just need to license agent quantity to cover the instance required). The key features of this new product are: Server installation, accessed via a modern web interface and REST API. Automated scanning of web
Internet of Thing (IoT) Impact To Oil & Gas Industry
What is IoT technology? IoT stands for Internet of Things and illustrates how technology can connect different objects, such as machines and other electronics, through networks to exchange and collect data. You may have heard the term smart tool or smart device. This illustrates the IoT capabilities in the tool or device. But how does
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How IoT Can Give Impact to Chemical Industry
If chemical companies want to remain competitive in a changing world, they need to use innovative technology quickly to perform digital transformation. Combining IoT – especially combining IoT with machine learning – can move the chemical industry forward to work more efficiently and produce better results. Below is how IoT can give impact to chemical
Retina CS Management Console

Application Security Testing (AST) Guideline

Let get real, 85% of enterprise security breaches is done thru exploit vulnerabilities at the application layer. But we see still had lot of people heavy invest in network security, but ignore to allocate investment into the most important portion – application security. With the extensive range of applications security testing (AST) tools in the
We as the consumer, we used to go book store for purchase physical book, magazine or stationary, since we used to it and as the way for get information what is going on in term of market offering. Publisher based on their industry experience, so do expert author to write something they believe what that
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