Cloud Security Governance

What is cloud computing? Cloud computing is using the Internet (the cloud) to store, manage and process data rather than using the personal computer or local server. When using the cloud as a the storage of course the data are expose to the cyber risk. Security Governance also play an important role to prevent this

Security Governance Framework

As been mention before, in security governance board members in the organisation accountable. It mean board members has the responsibility on their company security governance to prevent from cyber risk. Even though the board member has the authority to perform the information security but they lack in understanding the security issue. To have clear-cut insight
MedPack Exploitation Pack for CANVAS. Due to the product continuous update in nature, so we prepare this post for those who interest to know what is include inside. Latest update will be show on the top, while older update will be auto show below. This post will keep update and the post date will follow
VMware AirWatch Technical Overview by E-SPIN

Edge AI Computing

What is meant by Edge AI Computing? Edge AI Computing in IT is defined as the deployment of data-handling activities or other network operations away from centralized and always-connected network segments, and toward individual sources of data capture, such as endpoints like laptops, tablets or smartphones. Edge AI Computing deployments are ideally suited in a
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Tenable Nessus Pro global price rise notice is official release to all the partners and reflect in their own portal, effective 1st July, 2019, govern the product.  This post is purpose to release and put as historical record for those customer may need it for internal awareness for future records purpose. As told, Tenable is
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Veracode Static Analysis

”Veracode Static Analysis” is one of the many code review tools that can be implemented without actually executing, or running, the software. Static analysis tools look at applications in a non-run time environment. This method of testing has distinct advantages in that it can evaluate both web and non-web applications and, through advanced modeling, can

Veracode Developer Training

As a application and software developer, your job is ever-evolving. There are new languages, frameworks, and skills that you need to stay on top of, and yet, many developers never have the chance to learn how to code securely. In particularly now in the digital transformation (DT) era, your company expect you to perform and
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Product Overview Deliver applications faster and meet your development timelines by writing secure code, the first time.  Veracode Greenlight, an IDE or CI integrated continuous flaw feedback and secure coding education solution, returns scans in seconds, helping you answer the question “is my code secure?” Maintain your development velocity, reduce the number of flaws introduced into your application, and increase
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Veracode Software Composition Analysis (SCA) can help organizations identify known vulnerabilities from open source components used by their applications, and alert businesses when new vulnerabilities are discovered after an application has been scanned or when existing known vulnerabilities have had their severity level upgraded. Reducing License Risk To Your Business , many open source libraries have

The Rise of Smart Spaces

The Rise of Smart Spaces is global phenomena, it keep rise in the global scale to improve personal and professional productivity, increase energy efficiency, simplify complex processes, and potentially make daily work life easier and less stressful for employee. World shifted toward digital economy and all sectors and industries is struggle to make their own

CIA Triad in Security Governance

How to identify security policies problem area? How to quick fix information security from cyber threat? In this case we used what known as CIA Triad. Don’t get confuse with Central Intelligence Agency; a U.S. government agency that maintain national security from around the world. This CIA can be describe as security model that determine
Security Governance Characteristics
Before, we already discussed on what is security governance or information security in an organisation all about. Today let dive into what are the characteristics or attributes for effective security governance that can be implement in an institution. The first characteristic is leaders or board members are accountable. What does it mean by accountable? Accountable