Work Automation and Continuous Intelligence. Just imagine for modern digital business (MDB) able to intelligently optimize business operations in order to improve customer service and internal productivity for effective digital transformation (DT) and achieve Operationalize End-to-End Digital Processes, what will be the benefits:- Automate the multitude of day-to-day processes that build customer journeys and deliver
E-SPIN and PortSwigger

E-SPIN and HCL Business Partnership

E-SPIN and HCL Business Partnership effective since 2019 August. HCL since 2019 it acquire select IBM software products. Include those E-SPIN had supply and maintain for the customer across the region we did business, include portfolio like Appscan for secure application development, BigFix for secure device management, Unica (on-premise) for marketing automation, Commerce (on-premise) for
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What is a Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment? We are refer vulnerability assessment (VA) in cyber security context.  In the past, known as IT security vulnerability assessment, or in short vulnerability assessment. Modern business make extensive use of digital technology, from traditional endpoint computer, laptop, mobile device, tablet, to on-premise and on cloud server, web application,
What is Software Asset Management (SAM)?
What is Software Asset Management (SAM)? Some of you may have a general idea of what is SAM, some of you may not. Today, after reading this article, you will have more than a basic idea of what is SAM. SAM is not just knowing how many certain software installed within your organization. There’s more
The Power of Real-time Continuous Intelligence. As businesses become more software and digital centrist, the importance of real-time analytics is now more pronounced than ever. Some digital businesses have even shifted their business models to adapt to this change. The Power of Real-time Continuous Intelligence (CI), in one word, is automation. It’s not another buzzword

Attacks Against Zigbee

Today we going to discuss about attacks that can happen against Zigbee. Nowadays, technology is developing rapidly from time to time. Even the technology changing so fast it still face threat; physically or virtually from outsider. Despite using encryption AES 128 standard, which is also used by governments and banks but there is no network
Software Asset Management (SAM) is typical invest by medium to large corporation and government link corporation. A good and effective Software Asset Management (SAM) solution should allow customer to handle all activities, include managing and procuring software asset and license agreement, flexible on-premise and cloud deployment, keep tracking software asset utilization, over licensing or under
Vulnerability Management explained in E-SPIN Vulnerability Management Wheel model
Why is Continuous Intelligence important? Because IT has historically focused on batch processing, the concept of continuous processing is fairly new to most organizations. Continuous intelligence waits for nothing, not data collection periods, not resource availability, not processing time. It is the nonstop generation of insight and actions based on operational data stores as well
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A Continuous Intelligence (CI) framework starts with the process of acquiring data and, with the help of analytics and machine learning (ML), derive insights from it to be able to make confident decisions and actions which are in turn reviewed and validated, to ensure the organisation continuously improves its decision-making capabilities, for decision support. If

Zigbee Network Topology

Network topology is the design of the elements such as links or nodes of a communication network. It can be used to illustrate various types of telecommunication networks. We already talk briefly about one of the three Zigbee network topology in previous post. Now let dive in a little deeper about all three Zigbee network
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From DevOps Shift Left Testing to DevSecOps Shift Left Security

Acunetix 360 for Enterprise

Acunetix 360 for Enterprise. This is the post is all you need to know about Acunetix 360, a new product since 2019 March already in the new for coming up. Please read it in the reverse order, if you want to read in historical older information to latest information. 13-Aug-2019 Today announcement general available for
The Silent Killer: Downtime

CANVAS Latest Build and Release

CANVAS Latest Build and Release, all in single post. This is very common ask and keep update post, latest on top, and old just behind the latest information. Instead of create multiple post in different date, we combine all in one, easy for reference for the same edition and build history and feature implement along
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