The world transited toward the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) industry 4.0, it merely you are proactive adapt for the change or passive reactive to it that matter. You the new and raise efficiency from the smart factory, to robotics operate and maintain remote site and operate in the dangerous site or long distance with driverless,
Connective technologies are now no longer a trend in modern cars but had become the essential part in automotive industry. Significantly, in transportation industry, commercial vehicles such as trucks, lorries, vans and tractors are used to deliver products across the states and countries and thus being equipped with connective technologies helps enhance fleet efficiencies, streamline

What is Continuous Data Protection (CDP)?

What is Continuous Data Protection (CDP)? Data is an important assets in enterprise that can help business growth and improvement. Today, the increasingly interconnected business environment results in the generation of vast amount of data, making organisation to become exposed to bigger threats and vulnerabilities. Subsequently, poor data protection may lead to devastating impacts to
Adopting distributed work and Moving towards the future of work – Anywhere workspace, the saga continues. We are living in a VUCA world, an acronym that represents the condition of the world today Volatile, Uncertain Complex, Ambiguous, making us critically in need in implementing solution that can help us be resilient in such conditions. Hence,
The emergence of smart, connective technology in automotive industry had introduced innovations such as Connective and automated vehicles (CAVs) and connected car. From advanced features that help drivers make payment for parking and purchasing through a drive through to entertainment experience and even safety features where vehicles are using sensors to avoid collision, these innovations
The automotive industry is getting more and more complex as advancement of technology introduces the capability to integrate connectivity and automation into vehicle manufacturing. Unfortunately, this evolution of automotive industry is not all rainbows and butterflies. While we get better driving experience through this evolution such that it improve our safety while keeping us entertain
E-SPIN Group would like to take this season greeting opportunity to wish all our Muslim customers, channel partners and suppliers to have a remarkable Mawlid al-Nabi. May everyone have a blessed festive season. Mawlid Al-Nabi or Maulidur Rasul (commonly in Malaysia) is celebrated by Muslims all over the world to commemorate the birth anniversary of
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Advantages and Challenges of Deep Learning
Every technology and system solution is invented with the reason behind, in particular for new emerging technologies to improve or replace previous generations. Carrier Network Infrastructure (CNI) being the physical and digital infrastructure of telecommunications carriers. This post continue to expand on our coverage of Carrier Network Infrastructure (CNI), and focus on advantages of Carrier Network
Believe it or not, automotive hacking is not recent in cyber security. While we are labeling automotive hacking as a rising cyber risk issue in the recent years these days, it is in fact had happened since 2005 and continues to grow over the years as manufacturers constantly adding smart features into their vehicles. Subsequently,
What is Carrier Network Infrastructure (CNI)? Carrier Network Infrastructure, also known as CNI, is capable of sending data to a location through physical infrastructure. According to Gartner glossary, CNi is defined as the combination of multiple basic functions such as: Voice switching, control and applications Voice switching, control, and applications (VSCA) is a type of
Technology had continuously evolved for the betterment of life. Among the evolution includes the introduction of connected vehicle technology – A technology that allows vehicle to connect to the internet via WLAN, making users to be able to use the internet in their vehicles as well as share data with any external device or services.

The economic state of brand building

One of the good ways to understand the nation’s economic value proposition is to the largest top 10 corporation and value in the nation’s GDP or wealth generating capability. You can from there know whether it aligns with the future trends. For example, a country that has multiple automotive corporations listed as top 10, how