Kuala Lumpur. Nov, 16 – E-SPIN Group celebrates its 17th anniversary with Full Day Cyber Security Seminar as a way of giving back to the continuous business and supports from the enterprise customers and business partner. The E-SPIN 17th Anniversary celebration Full Day Cyber Security Seminar carries the theme “The Future of Cybersecurity changes and
Top 4 Digital Technologies trends in Retail Industry
Superapps is now beginning to become the talk of town as Gartner listed the technology as a top strategic trend for 2023 that will optimise businesses in the future. In the VUCA world today, where everything is vulnerable and disruptive, organisations are indeed in need of every empowering tool that can help grow their businesses.

In the end of the year 2022

In the dynamic life of planet earth, each year new things happen and change. Before we forget the year for the lesson, below is something worth to cite before the end of the year. Coexist with Covid-19. With China changing the policy from dynamic zero-day to co-exist, the world now is one planet to coexist
Smartphone had become our lifeline apart from those basic needs (water, air, food and shelter) that we have learnt in our Science class. This lifestyle where many are inseparable with their smartphone give rise to many implementation of technology. This upcoming years signaled us to watch for a technology called Superapps as an empowering technology
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Top 3 Reverse Engineering Tools for Cyber Security Professionals
Superapps is rising and expected to become prevalent in the future. From mobile banking, e-commerce, food delivery, to booking hotels and public transports, superapps features and functionalities make multiple services accessible from a single source. All you need is your smartphone, internet connection and an installed superapps. Advantageous as it seems, superapps actually appears as
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China Covid wave become a global concern

China ended zero-Covid with the hope to revive China’s economy, just like every country in the world did. The world is now expressing concern about Covid situation in China. From all the video footage and news, China’s current Covid outbreak across China and new virus variants could emerge and become another round of global concern.
Tenable.asm Product Overview Webinar is a routine hour long technical overview, highly essential and recommended for existing customers who are looking to enhance their external attack surface management implementation. Tenable.asm Product Overview Webinar explains Tenable.asm as an external attack surface platform that provides complete visibility on your full attack surface, making you understand how attackers
In the recent years, additive manufacturing has becoming the most discussed subject as a potential solution to empower a fast rate innovations. Importantly, consumer’s expectations are evolving with advancement of technology as the catalyst. Alas, to marketing departments, challenges and limitations cannot be the reasons of their inability to meet those demands. Instead, those who
This is E-SPIN Season’s Greetings Merry Christmas 2022 & CNY video message by E-SPIN Vincent Lim, our business spokesperson to greet customers and suppliers for the merry christmas and enjoy the upcoming Chinese New Year (CNY) holidays that followed. For Christian customer and supplier partners, it is a special religious moment, we wish you merry
Additive manufacturing is on the rise and its adoption is predicted to become prevalent in the future. Its application no longer revolves around manufacturing industries but had expanded to education, aerospace, medical sectors, and sport industries. Like any other implementation of new technology, additive manufacturing had it challenges and one of it being security issues.
4 Ways Internet of Things (IoT) Applications Is Changing Retail Industry
What is superapps? Let’s start with a few examples – the most effective way to get us the understanding of any new terminology there is. Hence, superapps are those applications that are nowadays widely used for various services. In Southeast Asia there is Grab, in the Middle-east, the popular one is called Careem and there
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Additive manufacturing has existed since the 1980’s but not until 2019, its synonym, 3D printing technology made it into headline as an empowering technology with high potential in transforming how products are created in the near future. While 3D printing frequently being the most used term to explain additive manufacturing, it is one of the