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No all manufacturer will use their name as their product brand name. In particular for those long legacy brand that changing hand for multiple time, some will maintain the same brand name, sometime will rename as the brand owner found the need for it.

To make sure website audience can found what they look for, we index and grouping brand content and present over here. For scenario make sense for grouping under manufacturer name or sub brand portfolio helpful for audience, we will do so accordingly.

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Tenable Product Family Overview

Tenable Product Family Overview

Tenable Product Family Overview, as you can see, it can divide into three (3) big family: Nessus, SecurityCenter and and one new product Industrial Security that cater for SCADA/ICS (Industrial Control System). Nessus Family only active member is Nessus Pro. Nessus Manager is end of sales, and new customer only solution is SecurityCenter
The Common Use cases for Software Defined Security

Micro Focus Application Security

Unified Application Security Security Fortify offers end-to-end application security solutions with the flexibility of testing on-premise and on-demand to cover the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC). Complement with full range of Vulnerability Management (VM), Vulnerability Exploitation Testing and Penetration Testing and Secure Development Education and Application Security Testing (AST) as a Service from E-SPIN. SDLC
Acunetix Notice for Price Rise

Acunetix Notice for Price Rise

Dear channel partners and customers, Finally, after early Acunetix Notice for Price Rise like last round indication, the price rise is come with immediate effect. Manufacturer statement snapshot below self explain for the matter. One think worth to mention is that launch of v12 in the near future. And it also mean that for that
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How to WUG APM Create Multi Server Single Custom APM by E-SPIN
Application Performance Monitor monitors applications across multiple devices, servers, and systems, providing performance statistics and overall application health, while alerting on performance degradation and potential problems before they result in service outages. APM helps IT organizations measure and guarantee Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and assists in pinpointing application performance bottlenecks and points of failure. Each
How to WUG create Multi Action Policy by E-SPIN
WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus Service Pack 2 Release ie version 17.1.2 is official release on December 13, 2017. As you can notice this version fix lot of defects carry from previous version. It is recommended for customer who are encounter for any of the defect ID matters, update to this version and check whether their existing
Early Notice for Acunetix discontinue perpetual license
Early Notice for Acunetix discontinue perpetual license Dear customer and partner, With the immediate news share by manufacturer dated 6-March-2018, they are decide to discontinue perpetual license (PL) and keep only license subscription (LS) for coming version 12 Acunetix web vulnerability scanner on premise edition. For customer original intent to invest in the perpetual license
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Veracode Software Composition Analysis SCA Product Overview by E-SPIN
Veracode delivers the application security solutions and services today’s software-driven world requires. Veracode’s unified platform assesses and improves the security of applications from inception through production so that businesses can confidently innovate with the web and mobile applications they build, buy and assemble as well as the components they integrate into their environments. Veracode Software
Manage application security risk in a simple, strategic, scalable way Veracode Static Analysis enables your developers to quickly identify and remediate application security flaws without having to manage a tool. Thanks to our SaaS-based model, we increase accuracy with every application we scan. Veracode’s patented technology analyzes major frameworks and languages without requiring source code,
The leading provider of information security and compliance cloud solutions. Qualys has everything you need for security and compliance in application development. Qualys DevSecOps Solution Benefits  Comprehensive bug, misconfiguration detection Catches coding and configuration errors throughout development, early and often, before launching apps in production Remediation prioritization Pinpoints the most critical vulnerabilities present in code
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WhatsUp Gold 2018 Product Overview by E-SPIN

WhatsUp® Gold 2018 is network monitoring reimagined with advanced visualization features for faster decisions, intuitive workflows for improved productivity and the industry’s most flexible licensing approach for a superior return on your investment. Improvements to WhatsUp Gold 2018 Implemented several enhancements for monitoring Wireless Implemented several enhancements for monitoring Cloud Added a new Layer 2