Find and fix security issues before they cause you problems Features Codified Security is a best in class automated testing platform that detects security vulnerabilities in mobile application code. The Codified platform allows you to test your mobile app for security issues before you release it, helping you to find and fix vulnerabilities before they

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Discover and Fix Your Mobile Application Security Risks Today with our smart test technology platform. Security insights that protect your organisation. Codified is world’s most popular testing platform for mobile application software. We make it easier than ever so that companies can detect and fix security vulnerabilities and ensure their applications are regulatory compliant. A PLATFORM

E-SPIN Actively Engaged in Promoting Codified Security’s Product Codified Security Overview  Codified Security was founded in 2015 to help developers write and release secure mobile apps. Codified Security is brings a new approach to problems of mobile app security testing for developers across enterprise. Research from 2013 shows that over 75% of the top 100

Codified Security Solution Overview Codified Security is available Online (cloud hosted), or On Premise, and comes with an API that has all of the product’s functionalities available for integration. Client side security testing Codified Security’s custom static analysis engine decompiles each mobile app from its binary file to test the client side code. Each line

Is Your Mobile Application Secure

Is Your Mobile Application Secure. Kerry Lothrop, a Microsoft Cybersecurity MVP, talking about Codified Security’s product during a talk on Xamarin app security at the 2016 Xamarin Evolve conference (starts from 40.40). Mobile application whether in popular android or apple iOS platform and the rest, we need to perform application security testing, but you need

Codified Security Mobile App Security Testing Product Overview

Codified Security Mobile App Security Testing Product Overview. From this video presentation you will gain better understanding of Codified Security what they do, and the core offering on mobile application security testing, from dynamic application security testing (DAST) to static application security testing (SAST). Dynamic application security testing (DAST) technologies are designed to detect conditions indicative of

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E-SPIN Group Enters into Partnership with Codified Security Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Bangkok, Manila, Shanghai January 6, 2017 E-SPIN an IT security network and vulnerability management services company entered into a partnership with Codified Security, an automated mobile app security testing to South East Asia and Greater China Region. Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia,