Website and Web Application Security trend

Netsparker consultant edition web vulnerability scanner since mid of 2018 had change their licensing scheme, moving award to offer unlimited scan engine and locked them down by charge customer by how many website (fixed website that require frequent scan). That applicable and impact for all the legacy customer who subscribe for the license before and

Web Application Security Assessment (WASA) as a Service Product Overview by E-SPIN

Web Application Security Scanner On Premise Windows Edition Netsparker Desktop is available as a Windows application and is an easy-to-use web application security scanner that uses the advanced Proof-Based vulnerability scanning technology and has built-in penetration testing and reporting tools. Netsparker’s unique Proof-Based Scanning Technology allows you to allocate more time to fix the reported

VanDyke VShell Product Overview by E-SPIN

Netsparker Cloud is a scalable multi-user online web application security scanning solution with built-in workflow tools. It has built-in enterprise workflow tools and is specifically designed to help enterprises scan and manage the security of 100s and 1000s of websites. Affordable And Maintenance Free Web Application Security Solution Embrace the benefits of the cloud! With

E-SPIN and Netsparker

November 9, 2017 by E-SPIN in
E-SPIN and PortSwigger

Netsparker Netsparker is the only false positive free web application security scanner that scans and identifies vulnerabilities in HTML5 & Web 2.0 applications. Netsparker is focused on developing a single automated web security product, the false positive free Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner. Netsparker management and engineers have more than a decade of experience in the web application security industry

Retina CS Technical Overview by E-SPIN, Main aspects of the General Data Protection Regulation

Netsparker Product Overview by E-SPIN This video is about Netsparker Product Overview by E-SPIN, cover web application security scanner, dynamic application security testing (DAST), application security, desktop and cloud edition of Netsparker product line. For those who can not join us for the session, please see the summary and highlight clip for the event. E-SPIN recently

Acunetix OVS What’s New by E-SPIN

Netsparker Technical Overview by E-SPIN This video is about Netsparker Technical Overview by E-SPIN For those who can not join us for the session, please see the summary and highlight clip for the event. E-SPIN recently run a Netsparker what’s new session cover what new for new user and existing users. This is one of the

E-SPIN Group of Companies Enters into Partnership with Netsparker

Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Bangkok Oct 6, 2014 E-SPIN an IT security network and vulnerability management services company entered into a partnership with Netsparker, a web vulnerability security solutions developer, to distribute Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner and Netsparker Cloud to South East Asia and Greater China Region. Singapore, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia, Hong Kong – China, Jakarta