BurpSuite Pro Product Overview by E-SPIN

What is Burp Suite Pro? Burp Suite Pro is a web penetration testing toolkit designed for web security testers. It combines automate repetitive testing tasks, expert-designed manual and semi-automated security testing tools to quickly and effectively test for vulnerabilities and hacking techniques. Burp Scanner as the foundation of Burp Suite Professional Powered by the world’s

Burp Suite Enterprise Edition Product Latest Release and Build, this is an ongoing and incremental update post, we consolidate all information into a single post for users who want to know all the updates, new features and fixes along the edition. Latest release and build will show at the top of the post, and the


Burp Suite Professional Latest Release and Update, please read in reverse order, if you interest from the old to latest manner. As the latest release note and build always increment update on the top for this product update. The rational to keep for this post is combine all the related latest release and update for

Dear Valued Customers and Business Partners, PortSwigger, the developer of Burp Suite Enterprise, has announced an upcoming price rise effective from September 4, 2023. Burp Suite Enterprise is a leading web automated scanner that employs dynamic application security testing (DAST) technologies and approaches. It caters specifically to enterprise customers who require a comprehensive security dashboard

Burp Suite Price Rise Notice in advance. PortSwigger is given advance notice in 3-Sep-2022, effective 12-Sep-2022, the Burp Suite Product line will rise 12% to 18% respectively from the Burp Suite Enterprise Single server single scan instance (formerly known as single scan agent), and Burp Suite Pro single user, both at 1 year price. Additional

E-SPIN pleased to supply Nessus Pro and Burp Suite Pro Reporter Pack, aka NamicSoft Scan Report Assistant. Exist for Windows only, license by computer. In general, it is a parser and reporting tool for Nessus, Nexpose, Burp, OpenVAS and NCATS. NamicSoft provides an easy-to-use interface which assists you to quickly create reports in Microsoft Word

E-SPIN is pleased to provide the Burp Suite Bundled License Subscription Solution for the enterprise customer who are in the various consideration, such as migration from other web scanner due to end of life, legacy, to away from vendor practice charge by per scan, per app, per website scan lockdown basis or those is not

Burp Suite Enterprise Edition is enterprise-enabled web vulnerability security built on the trusted burp technology for automated and scheduling continuous scanning solutions that are capable of running a high volume of concurrent scanning (just need to license agent quantity to cover the instance and workload required). Burp Suite Enterprise Edition is an automated web scanner,

Burp Suite Professional for Mobile Application Security Testing (Mobile AST), will be the topic to discuss in depth in this post. Typical question being asked, can you use Burp Suite Professional for performing mobile applications security testing (Mobile AST)? The quick and direct to the point answer is YES with jailbroken device involved. What you

Burp Suite Enterprise Edition Starter Grow Accelerate, this is the three subscription packages that will be introduced during 2021 in the second half of the year. This post expects you already know about the product Burp Suite Enterprise Edition and this post focuses on explaining the three different subscription packages in depth. We hope at


Burp Suite Pro vs Enterprise what the differences are, is as popular as what the difference within Burp Suite Pro vs Free edition that cover by dedicated post separately. Burp Suite Pro or Burp Suite Professional is target to use by pentester, secure developer and bug bounty hurter or web application security tester or someone required to