WhatsUp Gold 2018 Product Overview by E-SPIN, What are the challenges of General Data Protection Regulation

The world is keep changing at the fast pace, computer based training (CBT) had been evolve into the category from specialized to Massive open online course (MOOC), same like university now will offer free CBT training for certain courses, it need a very different kind of approach. As such, with the discussion with the manufacturer Security

E-SPIN please to package and special bundled of following highly affordable value bundled package for customers who look for in depth application security CBT training that that based on specialization track and platform basis. It inline with E-SPIN specific product technology range and complement each other for the synergize combine results. E-SPIN SecurityInnovation Application Security

E-SPIN Free Technology Training on Acunetix WVS, Nipper Studio, and McAfee Risk Advisor

Application Security – Next Generation Application Security Training Unique in the industry, Security Innovation program combines course-based training (CBT) with hands-on simulations and reinforcement assets for the most effective way to build offensive and defensive skills. Learn: 120+ computer-based and instructor-led courses Assess: Pre-assessments place learners in the right course(s); post assessments, quizzes and final

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Security Innovation Security Innovation, Inc. provides application security testing, software security assessment, awareness and technical training, and embedded system security services. The company offers TEAM Professor, a computer-based software security curriculum; TEAM Instructor, an instructor-led training courses; and security consulting, security assessments, and security training. In addition, the company offers computer-based training (CBT); cardholder data

E-SPIN had organized Security Innovation Security Awareness Training Product Overview session for those who interest on the event topic. Security awareness is the knowledge and attitude members of an organization possess regarding the protection of the physical, and especially informational, assets of that organization. Many organizations require formal security awareness training for all workers when they join

E-SPIN delighted to work with Security Innovation introduce to you more about Hackathon program: interactive simulated real-world e-commerce store web hacking learning event, attendance strictly by invitation only, as part of E-SPIN routine practice for provide world class best of breed represented product / technology event. Hackathons are interactive learning events where participant team can

E-SPIN Thank You 11 Campaign Celebration - Free Sponsor Training for End User

E-SPIN would like the take the opportunity for rolling “Thank You 11 campaign celebration” start with special E-SPIN Sponsor 1 x Security Innovation CBT Training Course for single user for 1 year license subscription for selective product line new license trade for end user. Effecitve from 11-Nov-2016 to 31-Dec-2016, all the qualified new license trade

E-SPIN partner with Security Innovation and make available for the industry leading computer based training program (CBT) focus on Security Awareness, Application Security in Depth and Hacking Live Simulation Interactive Training available for region E-SPIN do business for channel partner and end user. In general, Security Innovation CBT can divide into segment like the General/IT/Developer

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The Importance of Security Awareness and Training Security Awareness and Training are Important Information security, like everything else, is a human enterprise and is influenced by factors that impact the individual. It is well recognized that the greatest information security danger to any organization is not a particular process, technology, or equipment; rather, it is