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E-SPIN & Tenable

E-SPIN is a trusted partner of Tenable over the years and have been actively promoting Tenable full range of products and technologies as part of the company Vulnerability Management and Security Management solution portfolio - for vulnerability assessment, unified security monitoring (USM) - intergrated vulnerability management, SIEM, Compliance Management.


Vulnerability Assessment

Organisations are vulnerable to various cyber attacks. With increasing complexity in the modern attack surface today, it is essential for organisation to set up their plans in mitigating cyber risk. Vulnerability assessment is the primary steps in establishing a shield against vulnerabilities that can easily be exploited within your organisation.

Tenable provides the required vulnerability assessment capabilities to your organisation through comprehensive visibility with deep insights across the entire environment.

Tenable Nessus Professional is the leading vulnerability assessment solution, trusted by many customers. With many benefits to offer such as easy deployment, advanced detection, cost effective, accurate visibility and Tenable zero day research team, Nessus Professional is the world no.1 vulnerability scanning solution.


Vulnerability Management

Tremendous changes across the modern attack surface as well as rapid increase in the quantity and diversity of vulnerabilities today lead to the inability of the security and IT teams in addressing all vulnerabilities with critical Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS).

Tenable Risk-Based Vulnerability Management Solution let you view every asset across your attack surface, identify, prioritise and address the highest risk vulnerabilities with the most risk,while allowing you leverages your limited resources.

As vulnerability management expert, Tenable provides wide range of products that can assist your security and IT team vulnerability management program which include;, Tenable.ep,




While IT/OT convergence empowers innovation and optimises efficiency, it increases your attack surface as well as brought about more attack vectors.

In 2021, Tenable has been declared as the leader in the Industrial Control System (ICS) Security solution. The solution, Tenable.ot helps comprehensively reduce the OT cyber exposure by providing full visibility across the converged IT/OT operations, unified security and prioritised Threat Management.


Our Solution:

Nessus Professional

(Vulnerability Assessment)

(Vulnerability Management)

(Risk-based vulnerability management)


(Comprehensive risk-based vulnerability management)


(ICS security)


(Cloud Security)

(Active directory Security)

Tenable Lumin

(Cyber Exposure reduction) Web App Scanning

(Automated Web application Scanner)

Nessus Pro v10 is the latest of the vulnerability scanner edition released by Tenable. With various new features where existing customers and new customers will be interested to know more about, E-SPIN believes that it is obligated to conduct an hour long Nessus Pro v10 product overview seminar event to further introduce the new features
Tenable Product Family Overview

Tenable Product Family Overview

Tenable yesterday (2022-Mar-9) sent the partner news and information for container security end of sales, and replaced it with the tenable.cs cloud security, so the previous prepare slide to sum up became outdated. We build the new one for those who found it helpful and update on this post.   Tenable Product Family Overview,
Dear customers and partners, please be informed for the coming Notice for Container Security End of Sale Effect 2022-Apr-5, no new sales order be possible.  As The Container Security product capabilities are now included in Tenable new cloud security solution, Tenable.cs Change impact: All Container Security customers have been offered a complimentary
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Nessus Pro vulnerability scanner recently update and now Nessus Pro v10 or Nessus Professional v10, lot of existing customers are inquiring about the possibility of providing a hour long Vulnerability assessment with Nessus Pro v10 Product Overview web seminar to cover for what news. As such, we use the inquiry and turn it into a
Tenable.cs Cloud Security Product Overview Webinar is a routine hour long technical overview, highly essential and recommended for existing customers who are interested in securing their cloud-native Application using Tenable.cs. In the recent years, organisations are moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud in order to leverage the benefits of cloud which include scalability, deployability,
VanDyke VShell Product Overview by E-SPIN
What is Tenable.cs? Tenable.cs is a developer-friendly, cloud-native application platform that allows organisation to secure cloud resources, container images and cloud assets as well as providing end-to-end security from code to cloud to workload. Tenable and Accurics Accurics is a now a part of Tenable. With believe that Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is the future
Price Rise Notice for Tenable Nessus Pro effective 1 March 2022. Last round of price rise notice is 1 March 2021. Dear Customers and business partners, Existing supplier Tenable have issued advance notice for the price rise effective 1-March-2022 onward, and the new rate for the new and renewal license subscription (LS) for will be
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Nessus v10 vulnerability assessment scanner is officially released on 2-Nov-2021. Tenable Makes the Power of Nessus v10.0 Portable with Raspberry Pi Tenable has released Nessus v10.0 and extended supported platforms to include Raspberry Pi, allowing penetration testers, consultants, security teams and students to deploy the power of Nessus v10.0 anywhere. The latest release makes vulnerability