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E-SPIN & Tenable

E-SPIN is a trusted partner of Tenable over the years and have been actively promoting Tenable full range of products and technologies as part of the company Vulnerability Management and Security Management solution portfolio - for vulnerability assessment, unified security monitoring (USM) - intergrated vulnerability management, SIEM, Compliance Management.


Vulnerability Assessment

Organisations are vulnerable to various cyber attacks. With increasing complexity in the modern attack surface today, it is essential for organisation to set up their plans in mitigating cyber risk. Vulnerability assessment is the primary steps in establishing a shield against vulnerabilities that can easily be exploited within your organisation.

Tenable provides the required vulnerability assessment capabilities to your organisation through comprehensive visibility with deep insights across the entire environment.

Tenable Nessus Professional is the leading vulnerability assessment solution, trusted by many customers. With many benefits to offer such as easy deployment, advanced detection, cost effective, accurate visibility and Tenable zero day research team, Nessus Professional is the world no.1 vulnerability scanning solution.


Vulnerability Management

Tremendous changes across the modern attack surface as well as rapid increase in the quantity and diversity of vulnerabilities today lead to the inability of the security and IT teams in addressing all vulnerabilities with critical Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS).

Tenable Risk-Based Vulnerability Management Solution let you view every asset across your attack surface, identify, prioritise and address the highest risk vulnerabilities with the most risk,while allowing you leverages your limited resources.

As vulnerability management expert, Tenable provides wide range of products that can assist your security and IT team vulnerability management program which include; Tenable Vulnerability Management (Formerly, Tenable Security Centre (Formerly




While IT/OT convergence empowers innovation and optimises efficiency, it increases your attack surface as well as brought about more attack vectors.

In 2021, Tenable has been declared as the leader in the Industrial Control System (ICS) Security solution. The solution, Tenable OT Security (Formerly Tenable.ot) helps comprehensively reduce the OT cyber exposure by providing full visibility across the converged IT/OT operations, unified security and prioritised Threat Management.


Our Solution:

Tenable One - Exposure Management Platform

(Risk-based vulnerability management, web application security, cloud security and identity security)

Tenable Vulnerability Management (Formerly

(Vulnerability Management)

Tenable Security Center (Formerly

(Risk-based vulnerability management)

Tenable Attack Surface Management (Formerly Tenable.asm)

(External Surface Attack Management)

Tenable OT Security (Formerly Tenable.ot)

(ICS security)

Tenable Cloud Security (Formerly Tenable.cs)

(Cloud Security)

Tenable Identity Exposure (Formerly

(Active directory Security)

Tenable Web Application Scanning (Formerly Web App Scanning)

(Vulnerability Scanning for Web Applications)

Tenable Lumin

(Cyber Exposure reduction)

Nessus Professional

(Vulnerability Assessment)

Nessus Expert

(Vulnerability Assessment + Infrastructure as Code (IaC) security)

What is Tenable OT Security? Tenable OT Security (formerly Tenable.ot) is an industrial security solution that offers comprehensive set of security tools and reports for complete visibility across the entire attack surface to protect your OT environments from cyber risk and threats and ensures operational safety and reliability. Key Benefits: In-depth Asset Visibility Tenable OT
What is Tenable Web App Scanning? Tenable Web App Scanning (Formerly Web Application Scanning) is a dynamic application security testing (DAST) that provides simple, scalable and automated vulnerability scanning for web applications. It is a part of comprehensive Cyber Exposure solution that offers comprehensive and accurate comprehensive and accurate vulnerability assessment, thereby better understand
E-SPIN Webinar Tenable Security Center (Formerly Product Overview is a routine, hour-long technical overview that is highly recommended for customers looking to understand Tenable Security Center as an on-premises vulnerability management solution that provides the most comprehensive vulnerability coverage with real-time continuous assessment of your enhance team data management and productivity. The E-SPIN
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What is Tenable Security Center? Tenable Security Center (formerly is a complete end-to-end vulnerability management solution – managed on premise and powered by Nessus Technology that offers the industry’s most comprehensive vulnerability coverage with real-time continuous assessment of your network. It combines advanced analytics, customizable dashboards, reports and workflows to enable you understand and
Dear Customers and Business Partners, We are writing to inform you that Tenable has announced a Price Rise Notice for Tenable Nessus Pro effective 3 July 2023. The new rates for new and renewal license subscriptions will be higher. Above is the original statement given and self explanatory based on the Tenable price that will
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What is Tenable Vulnerability Management? Tenable Vulnerability Management (formerly is a solution powered by Nessus technology and managed in the cloud that offers industry’s most comprehensive vulnerability coverage with the ability to predict the security issues needing to be remediate first. It applies advanced asset identification algorithm to give the most accurate information about
What is Tenable Exposure Identity? Tenable Exposure Identity (Formerly is introduced by Tenable as a solution that empowers users with the ability to disrupt attack pathsthus diminishes the chances of attackers from exploiting them. Significantly, an insecure Active Directory (AD) deployment is the main cause of most breach headlines as it has become the
What is Tenable Attack Surface Management? Tenable Attack Surface Management (Formerly Tenable.asm) is an external attack surface management (EASM) solution that identifies assets and services residing on the internet which are at risk to be externally accessible by threat actors and performs multiple actions to give context around security posture. Key Benefits: 1. Know Your