Vex - Vulnerability Explorer

Solution Overview

UBsecure's Vex is a leading web vulnerability scanning tool in DAST area that offers high detection rate, clearly presented both the test details also test results reports and trusted user support.


E-SPIN and UBsecure

UBSecure, Inc. which was founded in 2007 is an information security company centered around developing and providing valuable, simple and easy security tools and services. Their Web Vulnerability Scanning Tool,  Vulnerability Explorer, Vex is the Japanese No.1 web application security testing tool. UBsecure strategic partner with E-SPIN Group, founded since 2005,  to distribute and make the solution available in the region E-SPIN does business with adequate regional support.

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Vex (Vulnerability Explorer)

Vex or Vulnerability Explorer is a web vulnerability scanning tool in the area of DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing) that is equipped with powerful features such as:

  • High detection rate through scenario creation abilities
  • Prompt action against new vulnerabilities
  • Clearly presented test details for both test results reports and trusted user support
  • Integration with CI tools
  • Android static analysis options

Value for Enterprises

Today, it is essential for enterprise to apply DevSecOps practice where security become the main focus through the software development lifecycle (SDLC) in the early stage of development. Vex achieves DevSecOps by integrating DAST into SDLC through the integration with CI tools, making SDLC being empowered with enhanced security and ability to detect vulnerabilities at the early stage in the development process. With this capabilities, Enterprise are able to remediate the threat and weaknesses faster thus deliver applications that are in high quality. Furthermore, with regular updates for every 3 months and irregular updates upon critical issue report, enterprise are able to maintain delivery of high quality software application.

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Web application security tool is important in safeguarding websites and applications from cyber security threats and vulnerabilities. Vex is constantly updated in order to ensure reliability and functionality as a web application security tool. This Vex Latest Release and Updates page covers the improvements made by UBsecure on Vex including new features, enhancements, and other
E-SPIN is committed to offering a wide range of tools for the best cybersecurity solutions for web application developers and users. UBsecure is one of our proudest partners for web applications security scanners. It is our objective to educate everyone on the product and its offerings. With the hope of bringing you higher quality security,
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What is Vex-Vulnerability Explorer? Vex-Vulnerability Explorer is a web vulnerability scanning tool in the area of DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing) that offers high detection rate, clearly presented both the test details as well as test results reports and trusted user support. Vex is rated no.1 in Japan and has been supporting multiple vendors with
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Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Macau, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, China – July 11, 2022 E-SPIN a cybersecurity, IT infrastructure management solution company entered into a partnership with UBSecure, Inc. to carry and represent the vendor Vex (Vulnerability Explorer), web vulnerability scanner support across the region E-SPIN business and position as alternative choice