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E-SPIN is active in providing consultation, supply, training and maintaining VMware products for the enterprise customers since 2008.


Digital Workspace

The future of work is "Work From Anywhere". With the awareness of the many benefits of "Work From Anywhere", many are allowing their employees to work remotely.

"Work from anywhere", however requires more than flexible work policy. This is where digital workspace came into the picture. VMware digital workspace solution specifically VMware Anywhere Workspace enables organisations to accomplish "Work From Anywhere" practice by supporting new business initiatives and a culture of option; reduce operational overhead and complexity, allowing IT to focus on driving business results and innovation as well as enhances security effectiveness by offering comprehensive visibility and security that follows users data and apps everywhere.


Multi-cloud Networking

The shift of IT operations to multi-cloud environments leads to complexity in connecting cloud-based services through a more efficient, software-defined approach to networking. Subsequently, organisations need a new approach in order to provide seamless connectivity, end-to-end security, and observability between services in a multi-cloud environment.

VMware elastic application secure edge (EASE) offers a common set of services that broadens multi-cloud environments to connect, secure, observe and make workloads highly available across various cloud environments thus providing the operational consistency across cloud environments that allows users to easily deploy according to choice and flexibility.


(VMware Tanzu, Enterprise Grade Kubernetes, Cloud Native App Development, Data,Tanzu Labs)

  • Tanzu Community Edition
  • Tanzu Data application Platform
  • Tanzu Kubernetes Grid
  • Tanzu Service Mesh
  • Tanzu Build Service
  • Tanzu Data services (Greenplum, RabbitMQ, SQL, Gemfire)
  • Tanzu Labs
  • App modernization Services
  • Platform Development Services
  • VMware App Navigator
  • Essential Networking, Modern App Netw


(Essential Networking, Modern App Networking, Network Automation & Operations, Network Security, SASE)

  • NSX
  • NSX Data Center
  • NSX Advanced Load balance
  • NSX Cloud
  • NSX Service-defined Firewall
  • Antrea
  • Tanzu Service Mesh
  • vRealize Network Insight
  • HCX
  • Edge Network Intelligence
  • NSX Intelligence
  • NSX Service-Defined Firewall
  • NSX Network Detection & Response
  • NSX Distributed IDS/IPS
  • NSX Advanced Threat Analyzer
  • VMware SASE Platform
  • VMware Secure Access


(Endpoint Security, Cloud Security, Network Security)

  • Carbon Black Endpoint
  • Carbon Black EDR
  • Carbon Black Workload
  • Workspace ONE Intelligence
  • CloudHealth Secure State
  • Tanzu Service Mesh
  • NSX Cloud
  • Carbon Black App Control
  • NSX Service-defined firewall
  • NSX Advanced Threat protection
  • VMware SASE Platform
  • NSX Network Detection & Response
  • NSX Advanced Load Balancer


(Cloud Infrastructure, virtualization, Cloud Management, Cloud Security, Recovery)

  • VMware Cloud Foundation
  • VMware Cloud on AWS, AWS Outpost
  • vRealize Cloud Universal
  • vRealize Suite & vCloud Suite
  • vRealize Automation
  • vRealize Operations
  • vRealize Log Insight
  • vRealize Code Stream
  • vRealize Orchestrator
  • vRealiize AI Cloud
  • vRealize Network Insight
  • CloudHealth by VMware Suite
  • VSphere
  • VSAN
  • NSX Data Center
  • Dell EMC VxRail
  • vCenterServer
  • CloudHealth Secure State
  • Carbon Black Workload
  • Tanzu Service Mesh
  • NSC Cloud

Digital Workspace

(Workspace ONE, Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), Desktop & App Virtualization, Employee Experience, SASE, Endpoint Security, Desktop Hypervisor)

  • Workspace ONE
  • Workspace ONE UEM
  • Workspace ONE Assist
  • Workspace ONE Intelligence
  • Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub
  • Workspace ONE Productivity Apps
  • Horizon
  • Horizon Cloud
  • Horizon Hybrid Cloud Management
  • Horizon Apps
  • App Volumes
  • Dynamic Environment Manager
  • Workspace ONE Access
  • Workspace ONE Campus
  • VMware NSX
  • VMware Secure Access
  • Carbon Black Endpoint
  • Fusion for Mac
  • Workstation Pro
  • Workstation Player

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