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E-SPIN Group  is in the enterprise business of delivering value added solutions to assist customers to address various challenges, and typically for the customer end is looking for a solution to address requirements, no product (as product come and go along the year, can be substituted along the years in use, but the need and functionality requirement is remain constant) . As such, along the long history of E-SPIN Group in business since 2005, E-SPIN has accumulate extensive volume of value added solution we delivered that beyond pure product trade and supply, and the best way to provide it to the customer is via the case studies, it can be use as reference for the customer look for address similar requirement and challenges or provide insight to potential new customers, as it unique for the various case, so do the solution mix of hardware, software and services involved.

We hope various case studies help to provide insight to new potential customers on how they could utilise our proposed and represented solution and mix with our professional value added services to achieve your business goals, in other word, to inspire potential customers, maybe what you facing is been address by someone else before, and it will help you minimise the project risks. As everyone knows, it will have a lot of ad hoc traders, but long term focus on specific domains as solution vendors and solution provider, solution integrator is not many, not to mention for operate in the long time horizon which may possess some unique project experience you may want to tap along for your project success.

We hope this section will provide real value to readers, focus on project background, challenges and solution manner.

Due to the extensive region E-SPIN group is doing business, as such, we will provide generalisation of the specific industry or sector, and will provide enough information for readers to understand what industry they are in, challenges they are facing and solutions that are addressed.

Enhancing Secure Communication and Data Protection for Financial Institutions: Bank’s Secure Email Exchange and Removable File Encryption Solution Background and Client Overview: Our Client is a prominent bank based in the Asia Pacific region, renowned for its comprehensive banking, finance, and insurance services. In a strategic collaboration with an external vendor, the Client frequently exchanges
Telco CSOC Grade Core and CPE Network Performance Monitoring Solution Enhancement. Context: Our client is a prominent national telecommunications company established in the Asia Pacific region in 1984. Initially focused on fixed-line, radio, and television broadcasting services, the company has since grown to become a leader in broadband, data, fixed-line, mobile, pay television, and network
Telecommunications Network Management System (TNMS) Integration and Custom Software Development Showcase. Background and Client Overview: Our esteemed client stands as a premier telecommunications service provider and operator, offering a wide spectrum of services including mobile, fixed-line, data, and internet solutions within their operational region. With their continuous expansion efforts and evolving infrastructure, the client recognized
Background Information MINDEF, the Ministry of Defence of the nation (Malaysia), located in the Asia Pacific region, is responsible for executing government defense policy, with the main goals of protecting the country and its interests and enhancing global peace and stability. To upgrade the nation’s military defense against cyber warfare and provide top-grade vulnerability management,
Big data analytic can improve insurance claims processing
Background Information The Client is wholly-owned by The Client’s banking and financial group under a conglomerate.  The company controls 14 listed companies involved in the financial services, manufacturing, distribution, property and infrastructure development. The group’s shares are listed on stock exchanges of Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Manila and Europe. It has a business in General
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Big Data Challenges for Telecommunications Provider
Background Information The Client is a national telecommunications company founded in 1984 within the Asia Pacific region. Beginning as the national telecommunications company for fixed line, radio and television broadcasting services, it has evolved to become the country’s largest provider of broadband services, data, fixed-line, mobile, pay television and network services. The Client represents one of
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Background Information The Client is a multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Europe. Its primary businesses are retail banking, direct banking, commercial banking, investment banking, wholesale banking, private banking, asset management, and insurance services. it is one of the biggest banks in the world, and consistently ranks among the top 30 largest banks