Releases and Updates


DBeaver Product Releases and Updates practices once a year release every year in the middle of March.

As a partner of DBeaver, we are proud to provide our customers with DBeaver release news and updates.


DBeaver 21.0 (Released 2021-Mar-14)

Key features:

1. Custom tiles for geo-data support

Users a able to replace the predefined map tiles (i.e; MapBox or OpenStreet) according to needs.

2.New Databases with spatial data support

The list of the new database includes:

  • PostgreSQL (PostGIS)
  • MySQL, SQLite (GeoPackage)
  • H2GIS
  • Oracle SQL Server

3. Data transfer

Improved schema comparison mechanisms to supported Databases.

4. Database modelling

DBeaver 12.0 has better performance, added multi-entity support, rebuilt design for the wizard as well as more effective mock-data generator.

5. New database support

Users can chose to use Yugabyte SQL and CQL using DBeaver. Moreover, DBeaver has also added datasources from AWS; Keyspaces, Aurora and Athena as well as updated the Google Spanner driver.


DBeaver 21.1 (Released 2021-Jun-30)

Key Features:

1. SSO authorisation for AWS services

DBeaver 21.1 supports different types of single sign-on (SSO) authorisation for users' AWS services.

2. Special authorisation for Redshift

DBeaver 21.1 offers support for data shares request from the Redshift development team.

3. Improved Metadata editor

Users can use metadata editor to edit, remove, add and view extended properties for SQL server without the need of special tool.

4. New capabilities with MongoDB

Users are able to make joins and utilise aggregate functions in the SQL editor for MongoDB.


DBeaver 21.2 (Released 2021-Sep-23)

Key Features:

1. ER-Diagrams

With DBeaver 21.2 Users are able edit ER-Diagrams which include adding or removing tables, changing data types, creating constraint on the diagram to the databases.

2. More Security

  • DBeaver has upgraded database authentication by adding the support for federated authorization for Redshift, SSH tunnels for AWS RDS databases and SSH jump server support for any database
  • Dbeaver also allows regular password change in simple steps.

3. Partnership with Liquibase Pro

Users are now able to import license from Liquibase pro for database comparison.