As GitLab’s dedicated partner, E-SPIN proudly present this GitLab 16 releases and updates page as a one-stop resource page to provide information on improvement in GitLab 16. GitLab introduces their improvements on the platform every month. In regards to this monthly release practice, E-SPIN will continuously reach the end users through this post for each

The statement “Every company is a software company” has evolved into a crucial mantra for modern organizations. This evolution has triggered a proliferation of empowering tools for software development, ranging from Agile and DevOps to the more security-focused DevSecOps tools. In the present landscape, where the demand for both the quality and speed of software

In the world of enterprise software solutions, Atlassian has long been a familiar name, offering a suite of tools that includes Bitbucket, Bamboo, Jira, and Confluence. These products have served countless businesses and organizations by providing essential project management, collaboration, and development tools. However, significant changes are on the horizon for users of Atlassian’s server-based

Kuala Lumpur. Oct, 26 – E-SPIN Group celebrates its 18th anniversary with Full Day Cyber Security Seminar as a way of giving back to the continuous business and supports from the enterprise customers and business partner. The E-SPIN 18th Anniversary celebration Full Day Cyber Security Seminar carries the theme “The Future of Cybersecurity changes and

E-SPIN is commemorating its 18th year this year! September Giveaway has arrived! 1-Sept-2023 | 2-Aug-2023 | 21-Jul-2023 Established in November 2005, E-SPIN has been actively providing multiple services to its customers and partners. Since then, we have remained determined to expand and promise to continue delivering excellent services. Staying up-to-date with relevant products to meet

What is GitLab Tier? GitLab Tier refers to GitLab offering that gives a set of features at a specific price point. GitLab has three tier; Free – essential features for individual users. Premium – enhances team productivity and coordination. Ultimate – focus on organisation wide security compliance and planning. GitLab Tier Overview The overall offerings

GitLab is evolving, where constant research are carried out to improve GitLab into powerful DevOps platform of the future. June-22, 2022 GitLab is moving forward and running on their journey towards the future of DevOps. Thereafter, GitLab announces the release of GitLab 15. Excited and obligated, E-SPIN dedicated this ‘ GitLab 15 Releases and Updates’

DataOps has becoming increasingly important as the amount of data generated in organisations continues to grow. While the implementation of DataOps yield a very promising results in business, its approach often mistaken as the DevOps for data analytics. In actual fact, DataOps is not just DevOps applied to data analytics, it is so much more.

Agile is the word repeatedly mentioned when we describe the fundamental of digital enterprise today. In this disruptive technology environment, where new technologies continuously being introduced in order to align with the demanding business environment as well as high customer expectation, being agile is what helps organisation keep up with this changing trends of adoption

What is NetSecOps? Like DevOps and DevSecOps, the term NetSecOps is a portmanteau word. NetSecOps is the combination of the words Networks, Security and Operations. Its definition, however, can be explained based in two aspects. One which is related to DevOps and the other, of course, unrelated to DevOps or more specifically a network-security partnership.

From DevOps Shift Left Testing to DevSecOps Shift Left Security

GitLab 14 as the Future of DevOps Over the years, GitLab had served the world with a complete DevOps platform and stood strongly in several market reports through enhancements across the software development lifecycle. In June 2021, GitLab proudly announced the released of GitLab 14 or the future of GitLab. Also viewed as the future