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About legacy Nessus Enterprise product line

Tenable once upon the time had the product line called “Nessus Enterprise (release 19 May 2014)” before current “Nessus Manager”.

It officially retired or end-of-life (EOL) Nessus Enterprise (all version) from September 3, 2016. End of Life is the final stage of the Tenable Product Life Cycle.  At this point the product will no longer download any updates, have any patches provided, or be supported by Tenable in any other way. Tenable recommend you take time now to develop your timeframe and upgrade path of what next make sense for your operation.

Based on the most logic upgrade path, usually will go Nessus Manager (be noted by IP count host licensing, it can be a IP host or a device that is scanned by a Nessus Agent; up to X number of hosts are offered and each tier comes with a specific number of scanners. In general 1024 host is entitled for 4 scanners; 256 hosts 1 scanners), or go Nessus Pro (unlimited IP, but without dashboard).

For example,

Former Nessus Enterprise – On Premise – Unlimited Hosts – 256 Agents – 0 Additional Scanner(s) – Annual Subscription (Renewal)

If in your license portal still show unlimited hosts, you are allow to renew yet, then it will renewing another year.

However, if your license portal inside already show as 256 agents only, then it go Nessus Manager – 256 Agents/ Hosts – Annual Subscriptions automatically, since the license portal already change. One way or another, for the renewal, the renewal fee is the same at the time for this article published. It may subject to Tenable future change.

For technical information, remark the end with “R” denote “renewal”

Nessus Enterprise – On Premise – Unlimited Hosts – 256 Agents – 0 Additional Scanners – Annual Subscription (Renewal) Mfr Part #: SERV-NENT-OP-R

Nessus Manager – 256 Agents/ Hosts – Annual Subscriptions Mfr Part # AP-SERV-NESM-256

Special remark: If you found the Tenable auto renewal path migration no make sense for you, you can always ask for special quote in higher count, example, 2048 Agents/Hosts at the special rate, if you had that many IP count.

If fixed IP count is not what you look for, then you need to consider Nessus Professional Edition License subscription, it license by per install, and from that install perform unlimited scan. At the time new license is USD 2190 , renewal USD 1609 subject to change in future date. Like being inform, Nessus Pro renewal will change to USD 2190 effective 1 July 2017.

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