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Acunetix WVS license re activation different machine exceed limit

One of the very popular and common issue for the recent few version of Acunetix WVS customer always ask is related to the topic of “activation” issue.

Various scenario, but can grouping under the same heading and question answer together.

First, you need to understand, manufacturer had their end user license agreement (EULA) governance the license use and you need to comply by click yes, before it can be install and use.

Different product had different kind of end user license agreement (EULA) and scope is different, depend on what the way manufacturer decide use for control and governance their product use.

License control is one of it. If the license is single install and activation, then it mean so. If want to install in different machine or host for whatever reason, it is different machine, and so new license or additional license require to cover that.

Upon installation and activation, the license is “locked” in to the machine, for eligible update and upgrade to take place.

So, if you install and activated it once, and move to different machine, and want to do it second time, what should it call? for most of the manufacturer, that call EULA breach. And for the standard term, it usually up to void the license or certain case involved demanding for licensing for those additional license you activation.

In this few year it had less case like demanding for additional licensing, but the license control technology get more and more matured, it basically make sure license key do not abuse by user. If you license for 1 machine, will be only 1 machine can use the license.

Above is the basic principle. Now we add in additional variable for various scenario and cases.

(A) For company couple of year will require to renew new hardware, so the need for license to move once after couple of year, or (B) system corrupted and need to reformat and reinstall.

For A case, just need to formal write in and get approved, then you can do so without issue.

For B case, same, just need to inform and let support officer know, and he will advice you back what to do next.

However, for case like perform multiple time and multiple machine installation (with whatever reason you give, it still license breach).

Feel free to contact E-SPIN for various licensing case and situation, as we deal with them before, and we can advice what is the best step to legalize the license usage for all party involved.