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All about legacy Nessus Cloud and where to continue subscription

In 2017, Tenable discontinue Nessus Cloud license subscription product, and start introduce product where Vulnerability Management will be natural and logical next move over for most of the customer who use Nessus over cloud basis.

Under this new framework, on top of legacy Nessus Cloud parking over and become vulnerability management, at the same time introduce two more new product line can be use on the same platform, ie Container Security, technology bought over due to last year take over a company who are in the Container Security business, and park it into same platform. Another one is Web application security (WAS). All the while Nessus and other more specialized vulnerability scanner such as those work with application security in specific, Nessus is lack those deep in the domain scanner. But with introduce of WAS, it now able to bridge and complete the gap, and become truly complete solution.

For existing Nessus Cloud customer use it for perform PCI DSS scan and compliance check, the feature continue available on Vulnerability Management. So, upon your license subscription expired, it time to move into more modernize product that is future proof. platform.