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Core Impact Pro licensing inquiry

Core Impact Professional (in short Core Impact Pro), is industry de factor penetration testing tool.

It use for perform various vulnerability management and penetration testing tasks.

Licensing is all depend on your usage scenario and context.

First decision you need to know, whether you are intent to use it for internal use (i.e. for internal infrastructure and asset vulnerability assessment and penetration testing) or external use (i.e. license it for conduct service for 3rd party, usually your end clients, this is common for security consultant firm deliver security assessment, audit and penetration testing services).

Second decision will be on you know exactly how many IP node you require to perform the assessment and exploit job? If you can determine, then fixed node license, else got to go for unlimited.

Third decision will be on whether you want to go for license owning or renting? License owning mean “Perpetual License” (PL in short), you own the license, subsequent year just subscribe for the software update and upgrade subscription (SUS) at fraction of the initial investment price. This is very common for customer intent to possess the tool for over three years and more period.

Renting mean license subscription or fixed term licensing, you do not own the license, you rent it for the fix period, minimum is 1 year. So it possible for renting 1 year, 2 years, 3 years etc. At end of the period, the license will stop to function, if do not perform renewal (i.e. continue renting period).

Once you know already the context and scenario like above, you can talk with our officer, on the specific licensing scheme you want, and we can assist from there.


1. Enterprise company intent to have a license, interest for owning, and know have 128/356/512 fixed IP want to test, then go for

Core Impact Pro 128/256/512 Fixed IP, single install one year Perpetual License (come with 1st year software update and upgrade subscription).

2. Consultant company intent to have a license, interest for renting, since no sure how long will need it for the future, do not know how many IP will need to scan for the renting period, then go for Core Impact Pro Unlimited, single install one year License subscription (LS).

It is license by per license install basis, if need to install software into 5 machine, then need 5 license.