YOU ARE HERE: HOMEDeploy Virtual Scanner for internal network scanning

Deploy Virtual Scanner for internal network scanning

Depend on your subscription, for most of the cases will usually involved at least one virtual scanner to facilitate the internal network scanning.

If that the case, you are entitle and can access to download virtual scanner appliance.


Add new virtual scanner, the screen will also show how many scanner license under your subscription.

For first time, recommend to go from Get Started wizard.

For those used it before, you can download virtual scanner appliance image for the supported platform.

Name your virtual scanner name for easy tracking, then choose the virtual scanner appliance in the supported platform.


Upon successful download, you need to start to run it and performance configuration.


You will be provide a special 14 numeric digit activation code, use it and check activation.

All you virtual scanner will show in the dashboard screen like below for easy tracking and managed.