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Difference between Burp Suite Free and Paid (Pro) version?

Burp Suite as the web application security testing tool is gaining high momentum, due to market recognition and also due to the extreme affordable price point.

For those still no sure and interest to know the difference, this is the article deal with the topic in depth.

First let see the version comparison first.

For professional on the field, will immediate know already, no such things as “free” version exist, it more like “demo” version, as all the important function to do join is not come in the “free” version, for example, can not save the result, target analyzer, content discovery, task scheduler (automated the scanning).

For Burp Suite Pro is product that penetrate in the volume, most of the customer previously purchase other web scanner, will buy multiple Burp Suite Pro for all the users, due to low entry price point.

Burp Suite Editions

Burp Suite Free Edition contains everything you need to carry out manual security testing of web applications. You can:

  • Inspect and modify traffic between the browser and the target application, using the intercepting Proxy.
  • Crawl application content and functionality, with the application-aware Spider.
  • Manipulate and resend individual requests, using the Repeater tool.
  • Benefit from various other handy utilities for analyzing and decoding application data.

Burp Suite Professional contains numerous powerful features to make your work faster and more effective, letting you find more vulnerabilities in a shorter time. You can:

  • Automatically probe for security flaws, with the state-of-the-art web application Scanner.
  • Discover and exploit complex and unusual vulnerabilities, using the Intruder tool to deliver powerful customized attacks.
  • Save your Burp session and resume working later.
  • Benefit from numerous high-value features, including search, target analysis, content discovery, and task scheduling.
  • Receive frequent product updates and earlier access to new releases.