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E-SPIN Certified Training and Examination

E-SPIN Free Technology Training on Acunetix WVS, Nipper Studio, and McAfee Risk Advisor

All the product standard training or tailor made customized courses (from short basic 1 day, standard 3 days, advance 5 days, extended 10 training or longer) upon completion of each days attendance in either the on-demand or instructor-led setting. A Certificate of Attendance provides a written validation of your attendance in these courses and can be obtained at the conclusion of each course.

Certain product range had the manufacturer product involved will had the examination, most of the time depend on arrangement, we can help to bundle it into the training fee, said for one time exam attempt. Upon passing the manufacturer hosted examination, you will be award certificate of proficiency or different name (depend on the actual product and manufacturer product range).

For product that require multiple different level or grade of examination, for you to achieve that proficiency status, then you need to take those range of the product examination, usually in the level by level basis. For example, passing level 1 before level 2 examination is open up.

For the detailed of each product training service in term of standard scope of service work, or tailor made for operation requirement or bundled with examination fee and attempt, it is always advisable discuss with E-SPIN personnel who handle your case for detailed and customized quote.