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E-SPIN International Trade services

At E-SPIN, we make it easy for you to do business around the globe. Whether you are supplier, reseller or buyer.


E-SPIN provide International Trade service, for supplier, reseller and end customer. E-SPIN allows buyer to expand their both goods and services that otherwise may not have been available to buyer. It is the reason why E-SPIN keep expanding globally to facilitate global products from best of breed supplier and break bulk to make them affordable to buyer for once a life time purchase or ad hoc purchase with complete end to end complementary product and solution.

We are share our unique solution domain and product experience across globally scale for competitiveness, result in more affordable product solution for the buyers across larger scale.

Trading globally gives E-SPIN buyers the opportunity to be exposed to goods and services not available in buyer own countries (particular for specialised solution domain and expertise). Value added Services (VAS) are also traded: consulting, project management, system integration, training, and maintenance support.

Global trade allows our buyer (and channel business partner) to use our channel resources – whether local presence, support to facilitate trade and product solution adoption on the respective market. For example, we have customer bought at country A, procure with us on country B, but want us to ship to country C, D and E as part of the project deal. Without E-SPIN doing global trade and central trade management services, it become very time consuming for buyer to coordinate their multi national deployment and project delivery.

Since E-SPIN specialise in the solution domain we are focused, we bring in the value added services for the channel, from reduce opportunity cost, maximise similar trade efficiency in buying facilitation to lower the business risk for all the channel partner (reseller, supplier) and end customer.

The E-SPIN International Trade Centre (ITC) is the first point of contact for global supplier, exporters, importers and all others engaged in international business.

Our comprehensive team of trade specialists provide advice and support across a broad range of industry and business areas including:

  • International & Domestic Business Development
  • import and export assistance;
  • turkey project / system integration and end to end project services (whether prime contract or sub contracting basis);
  • documentation services;
  • latest import and export news, reports, customs information, consular advice, trade events, market briefs and trade opportunities;
  • promoting your business to the world or target region of interest (whether in the form of authorised partnership, distributorship, local support/agent representative);
  • connecting your brand/product businesses with local market/buyer through our marketing, sales and support (MSS) service;
  • domestic and foreign market information; and
  • latest international trade and local market competitor activities and news updates.

For further information on how we can help your business please contact us.