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End of Life (EOL) Notice and what we should do next

 This is very popular being ask topic, manufacturer issue end of life (EOL) or sunset statement or notice, and it impact on the existing customer who use the old version that being affected, what should do next.

For scenario customer who had still active software update or upgrade subscription (SUS), ie you are entitlement for the free latest software version upgrade, just need to download from your license portal, deactive the existing license and activate the new license after upgrade. In this way, you are under the full latest software update.

For scenario customer had old software but do not had active software update and upgrade (SUS) subscription, then need to take the risk for after end of support, all the production issue, vulnerability issue and potential security and quality compromise.

If you are fall under entitlement for software update and upgrade (SUS) usually after first time purchase, you are sign up for renewal for second year onward. What you need to do is cross checking for the latest software build system requirements, whether existing machine can install it or you need a newer machine to cope with new system requirements. If you do not had expertise for perform in house system upgrade, modernization and teaching existing team for the new system feature and process, what you can consider is outsourcing to E-SPIN for get it done for you, include post local onsite support for 8×5 or 24×7 nature.