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Government and government related organization and institutions user

Canvas as the penetration and exploitation tool (just like the rest of the US product under this category) is under US Export control, in particular for user under government, government related organization and military clients.

In general, US Export will require submission of the end user declaration as part of the purchase requirement. Without that approval, no manufacturer can process the order.

E-SPIN have assist in process lot of the cases and acquired experience on it, the format and template to handle that, just let us know your intent and context of use it for.

In compare with normal enterprise and corporate user, government and government related organization and institutions will take longer time due to get paperwork submission and really process thru US Export control, that usually will take 1 – 3 months cycle for the paperwork clearance.

In particular for the case submission on the peak season like long holidays season, lot of government and its officer is actually can not process the case (any part of the world will be the same). For the case where trigger additional questioning, the two way flow of the paperwork all take the time.

So, please consult with E-SPIN officer and help on the case handling base on case by case basis.