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How can I run CANVAS as a headless server?

Usual process uses three tabs:

Tab 1: sudo python –server start
Tab 2: sudo python
Tab 3: /bin/bash

Tab 1 starts the engine, you’ll see your CANVAS log output here and any stray print()’s that are used. Tab 2 is your command line interface for receiving shells and tab 3 is handy to interact with the file system on the CANVAS host as needed.

If I wanted to start a universal MOSDEF listener on port 443 I would do the following steps in tab 2:

  1. interfaces — This will tell me the network interface # and corresponding IP address
  2. types — This would list all the types of listeners I can start
  3. bind <listener type> <interface #> <port> — Starts the listener
  4. listeners — Verifies the listener has started