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How is the payment term?

For all new customers strictly prepayment upon invoice. Subsequent order, depending on your cases, you may request for term trade, where our finance department has the credit facility application form (and of course, you need to supply a supporting document for them to assess, and determine credit risk and credit line).

Be note that submission of the credit facility application with incomplete supporting documents or modified on the standard credit terms and conditions, our credit risk assessment officer has the right to reject it instantly. The credit line assignment will be subject to credit officer recommendation.

For the customer being given credit term it aims to encourage active and more trade, But if a customer only performs 1 or 2 trade transactions a year, the previously assigned credit line will auto expire, due to inactive for over 3 months period. To reactivation the credit term account, the officer will ask for more latest financial supporting documents for consideration.

It is also common for some customers previously in the term trade but demote back to prepayment basis, usually it is for the customer who can not honor to make payment within the credit term period, or our respective department have difficulty to recover an account receivable amount with the customer, with various reason being given. For those customers, our Finance department will demote back to the prepayment trade, and customers are required to re-build the records until further notice when they can re-submit for the credit application again.

Depending on the country involved, the official supporting document request will be different. But usually involves 3 years audit financial report, trade reference, company active director as company guarantor form etc (since we are not a banking and finance company, do not allow us to use customer fixed assets as a form of security collateral). For more detail on the matter, you can talk with the officer who handles your account, the person will be able to advise you accordingly.