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How to Export Devices From Pre-WUG 2017

This document is prepare for customer who ask about how to export information from WUG. Below document will show you how to export devices or related information from Whatsup Gold(WUG) version 16 and 16.x ., ie pre WUG 2017 Edition.

1.First step you need to login to WUG web browser.

2.Go to ‘Report’ tab and will display like image below

3.After select what kind of report you want, you can go to ‘Export’ icon on right. They have 3 type of report you can generate: text, excel and pdf file.

4.After you select type of report you want to generate, WUG will pop up like image below. Click to to generate the report.

The report will automatic download to your computer and after that you can open the report.