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How to resolve IDA floating windows edition license server manager connection issue

Definition and Meaning of Reverse Engineering

A customer is report encounter issue, after IDA floating windows edition client install successful but license server manager encounter connection issue.

Customer working environment got firewall.

This is classic and typical problem indicate a communication problem between server and client (IDA).

In addition to the license server port (28000), IDA workstation must also be able to connect to the vendor daemon’s (hexrays) port. By default this port is dynamic and changes on every run, as you can see in the log:

19:08:26 (lmgrd) hexrays using TCP-port 64350

If you have a firewall and need a fixed port to add a rule to allow the connection, you can do it by editing the VENDOR line in the .lic file, e.g.:

VENDOR hexrays PORT=28100

Check the “Firewall issues” section on Flexnet support page for more

Firewall issues

Checking out a license requires two TCP connection: one to the license server, and one to the vendor daemon. If you’re using a firewall, you need to make sure that both connections are not blocked both on the server and the client (IDA workstation).

The default port range used by the license server is 27000-27009. The vendor daemon uses a dynamic port by default, so it changes on every run. To change or fix the ports, you can use the Web UI, or edit the .lic file.

Web UI (lmadmin)

The port for the license server can be changed in “Server Configuration” tab, “License Server Configuration” section. The vendor daemon port can be changed in the Vendor Daemon Configuration tab, settings for the “hexrays” daemon. You may need to restart the vendor daemon and/or license server for the changes to take effect.

.lic file

The license server port can be specified on the SERVER line, e.g.:

     SERVER this_host 001122334455 29000

The vendor daemon port can be specified on the VENDOR line, e.g.:

     VENDOR hexrays PORT=30000

You will need to re-import the .lic file (for lmadmin) or restart the server (for lmgrd) after editing it.

If you change the license server port from the default, you will need to specify it in IDA’s server path, e.g.: [email protected]

By implement the change highlight above, customer confirm for the issue resolved accordingly.