YOU ARE HERE: HOMEI have received IBM Proof of Entitlement (PoE), what next to do before can download and use the software?

I have received IBM Proof of Entitlement (PoE), what next to do before can download and use the software?

Once purchase, End User should receive Customer Passport Advantage login.

When a customer purchases any IBM software, they are automatically entitled to login to :


Features & Benefits:

  • Passport Advantage Online enables you to:
  • Access entitled software; download or request a media pack.
  • Renew your Sites Software Subscription and Support or acquire licenses by browsing the popular offerings catalog or IBM quotes (not available in all countries).
  • Review and update contact information for your Sites designated contacts.
  • View your Sites Proof of Entitlement certificates.
  • Subscribe to eNotifications to receive automatic notification when new software upgrades that match your preferences and entitlement become available.
  • Generate reports to track transaction history, download history, or active entitlements at the Enterprise or Site level.

If the End User has forgotten the username or password to access the site, they will need to either call or send an email to :

eCustomer care team (Asia Pacific) – [email protected]

Malaysia 1800 801 999 (8am-6pm)

** IBM will ask some verification questions during this period, therefore only the End User may contact the eCustomercare team.

For first time login, you will be prompted to enter the temporary passcode found in your Welcome letter, which was sent to the End User. If you have misplaced the Welcome letter, you may request for it again.

Service Request or PMR.


Via Phone

  • Contact IBM Support by phone using your region-specific telephone number as listed on the website at


Via Online Access

  • Use the electronic support link at to log into the Electronic Service Request (ESR/SR) tool. Help on the ESR  tool can be found at

The above answer is correct at the time for the update. If you found and notice some change and difference based on IBM website, please follow their latest changes and advice.