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IDA floating license borrowing offline for traveling

For customer implement floating license architecture, whether in windows, Linux or Mac platform. Will possible come across a scenario, a user require to business travel and perform at any remote location or typical business meeting or working in offsite condition and context.

Under that scenario, it can not be check in and check off from the existing network. IDA Pro since 7.2 onward can perform “license borrowing” for offline traveling, for the user who need to access and use the software offline for traveling.

More information for license borrowing can read from below:

License borrowing

By default IDA Pro licenses allow borrowing for offline use for up to 4320 hours, ie 180 days (this can be disabled or limited by the server administrator).

Since IDA 7.2, borrowing can be performed directly in IDA (menu Help, Floating Licenses), but you can also use the below procedure.

To borrow a license, run the lmborrow utility on the client before running IDA:

  lmutil lmborrow hexrays <enddate> [time]

enddate is the date the license is to be returned in dd-mmm-yyyy format. time is optional and is specified in 24-hour format (hh:mm) in the local time. If time is unspecified, the borrow period lasts until the end of the day.
For example:

  lmutil lmborrow hexrays 20-may-2014 13:00

Note: make sure to actually check out the necessary license(s) before disconnecting from the network. For example, open a file in IDA (to check out IDA’s license) and decompile a function (to check out the decompiler’s license).

To check the status of borrowed licenses, run:

  lmutil lmborrow -status

To perform early return of the borrowed license at the end of your offline work, reconnect your system to the network and run:

  lmutil lmborrow -return [-c @servername] <feature>

Where feature is the name of the borrowed feature that is listed in the “lmborrow -status” output. For example:

  lmutil lmborrow -return -c @myserver IDASTAFW

You can also set the LM_BORROW environment variable manually instead of using lmutil.