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Netsparker latest edition and way for licensing

Netsparker web vulnerability scanner (WVS) since mid of 2018 had full product structure change in which Netsparker don’t have the option of unlimited websites anymore. For all the existing customer upon expire (since it is license subscription), when renewing or for new customer for purchase the license, need to follow the new plan below.

The new plan structure is divided into 3 plans, Standard (Desktop only, up to 20 websites), Teams (Cloud and Desktop integration, up to 50 websites) and Enterprise (same as Teams, for 50 websites and above).

Example, Netsparker Standard 5 website / 10 websites / 20 websites

Example, Netsparker Team 20 websites, 50 websites

Example, Netsparker Enterprise 50 website / 100 websites

And off course for licensing for how many years, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years etc.