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Our company purchase McAfee solution, what we will expect from the deliverables?

Depend on what your company exactly purchase, it will usually include the following deliverables:

  • software license (if purchase software license, your company will receive printed license certificate from us, a McAfee(R) Product Grant Letter (like below show). Depend on what exactly purchase, certain software, E-SPIN will help to burn into CD/DVD or put into secure download link for customer hassle free download.

  • if your company also subscribe for our additional product maintenance support under 8x5xNBD or 24×7 during subscription period (1 to 5 years), you will received the printed license certificate for that description inside (that is for the customer required local phone, email, remote and onsite support for hassle free local technical support from us, who supply, help you install, configuration, deliver training and hardware and related software – if your purchase together) and maintain for you
  • if your company purchase consultancy, installation and project services with us, you will received separate consultancy/deployment plan document (where it will end while success delivered/ deployed, our officer delivered with service form/system documentation and project sign off document together)
  • if your company purchase training services (1 to 5 days, or longer period), your company will received training confirmation sheet, while for your company chop and sign it, then our officer will conduct the training at the specific agreed training venue, a certificate of participate / attendance will be issue for trainee and provide at end of the training
  • if your company purchase with hardware or appliance (you will received it) and related software or operating system licensed together (in separate license certificate and hardware information)