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Piggyback service for hassle free project supply

Piggyback service in general, or more specific sometime refer as fishyback (make use of sea transport) or birdback (make use of air transport).

When come to the hassle free project supply, most of the time will include some of the item customer will interest for E-SPIN piggyback and carry on as complementary and make it hassle free supply. That fully understood and E-SPIN provide that as the value added service.

But being piggyback please be expect as well that basically E-SPIN is take over the hassle for cover procure the item from the oversea or whatever place in the world, make international shipping, Custom tax settlement, make foreign currency payment and bank wired transfer in advance, handle the insurance for good and make the deliver for the customer. Off course, E-SPIN will charge for the small fraction for “handling fee” for those value added service.

When in the project, if involved negotiation for the final supply price, those items E-SPIN will identified for the customer, as no negotiable item for discount, since it is in the scenario for hassle and cost plus scenario, no room for the discount. Alternatively, please procure those item by your own, as it no make any business sense for provide this piggyback value added service at the lose.

In short, E-SPIN do provide piggyback value added service for small fraction of handling fee for the overall project supply, feel free to make inquiry for the project and piggyback other related item for supply in one go.