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Reset a license using License Manager

In various scenario and context, customer may require to reset a license, said from machine A relocate to machine B, either due to existing machine being obsolete or out from warranty support, or massive upgrade exercise require re provisioning entire system one more time again from the ground up. Please follow step by step guide for accomplish the matter accordingly to the case in hand.


SolarWinds License Manager allows you to migrate or upgrade a SolarWinds license for products running a supported Microsoft® operating systems with the .NET Framework.

Using SolarWinds License Manager, you can:

  • Migrate your product licenses from one computer to another without contacting SolarWinds Customer Service.
  • Upgrade from one production license level to another.
  • Upgrade from evaluation licenses to production licenses.

Products not supported by License Manager

You cannot use License Manager to migrate or upgrade product licenses on the following products, as these products have their own internal licensor. See the individual product page for information about license management.

  • Database Performance Analyzer (DPA)
  • ipMonitor
  • Kiwi Log Viewer
  • LANSurveyor
  • Log and Event Manager (LEM)
  • Serv-U FTP Server
  • Serv-U Managed File Transfer
  • Storage Manager (STM)
  • Storage Resource Monitor (SRM)
  • Virtualization Manager (VMAN)  (except for the secondary license)
  • Web Help Desk (WHD)


The following needs must be satisfied in order to successfully run SolarWinds License Manager. Please note that you must have active maintenance on your products in order to use the License Manager.

Installation Location The same computer as the products to be migrated
Connectivity Internet access
Microsoft .Net Framework v2.0 or later

Links to the framework are included in the installation.

Operating System Windows® 2000 SP4 with Update Rollup 1 or later

Windows Server® 2003 SP1 and higher, including R2 (32-bit & 64-bit)

Windows XP®

Windows Vista®

Browser Internet Explorer® 6 or later

Firefox® 2.0 or later


If you are unable to use License Manager for your license resets, submit a ticket through your Customer Portal or to SolarWinds Customer Support. Include the following information in the ticket:

  • Computer name
  • License key
  • Type of license
  • Number of seats to reset (for multi-activation only)
  • Reason you are unable to reset the license

Install License Manager

  1. Identify the computer with the SolarWinds license you want to reset, upgrade, or migrate to another system.
  2. Ensure that the system time is within 24 hours in either direction from Greenwich Mean Time (© 1995-2017 Greenwich2000, available at, obtained on March 21, 2017.). Otherwise, you cannot reset your license.

    The time zone settings do not affect or cause this issue.

  3. Install License Manager on the system.
    1. Click here to download License Manager.
    2. Unzip the downloaded file.
    3. Review the enclosed PDF for additional information.
  4. Double-click LicenseManager.exe.The License Manager interface is displayed.
  5. Run License Manager online or offline based on the Internet connection to the server hosting your product license.

Run License Manager online

This section describes how to reset a SolarWinds product license where the license is stored on system that is connected to the Internet.

Deactivate an installed license

  1. Start the License Manager from the SolarWinds Program group.
  2. Check the products you want to deactivate on this computer.
  3. Click Deactivate.
    The license is deactivated and available for activation on a new computer

Reactivate a license on another system

  1. Log on to the system that will host your product license.
  2. When prompted, provide your license information.
  3. Follow the prompts on your screen to compete the reactivation process.When completed, the license you deactivated on a previous system is assigned to this system.

Upgrade an installed license

  1. Start the License Manager from the SolarWinds Program group.
  2. In the Action column, click Upgrade next to the product licenses you want to upgrade as licensed products on this system.
  3. Complete the Activation Wizard to upgrade your license.

Activate an installed evaluation and license the product

  1. Start the License Manager from the SolarWinds Program group.
  2. In the Action column, click Activate next to the products you want to register as licensed products on this system.
  3. Complete the Activation Wizard to upgrade your license.

Run License Manager offline

This section describes how to reset a SolarWinds product license offline where the license is stored on system that is not connected to the Internet.

Deactivate an installed license

See Deactivate and reset licenses in License Manager and in the SolarWinds Customer Portal for details.

This procedure describes how to deactivate and reset a SolarWinds or DameWare product license in License Manager and the Customer Portal.

Deactivate a SolarWinds license

  1. Open License Manager.
  2. Select your product and click Deactivate.

    You can deactivate more than one product at the same time. In this case, the deactivation file will contain information about each product.

    In some products running Microsoft Windows and the .NET FrameWork, you can deactivate licenses using the internal licensing tool of the product.

  3. Complete the deactivation wizard.
  4. Save the deactivation file.
  5. Log in to the SolarWinds Customer Portal.
  6. Click License Management > License Management.
  7. Select your product instance and click Deactivate license manually.
  8. On the Manage License Deactivation page, browse for the deactivation file you created in License Manager and click Upload.Your SolarWinds license is deactivated.

Deactivate and reset a DameWare license

This section describes how to deactivate and reset a seat-based DameWare license:

  1. Log in to the SolarWinds Customer Portal.
  2. Click License Management > License Management.
  3. Select your DameWare instance, and then click Deactivate license manually.
  4. On the Manage License Deactivation page, click I don’t have access to the machine with the SolarWinds product.
  5. On the Deactivate License page, click Reset License.
  6. Select the appropriate computer, and then click Reset License again.

    You can reset the license of more than one machine at the same time.

Activate or upgrade an installed or evaluation license

This section describes how to manually register a SolarWinds license.

  1. Click Start > All Programs > SolarWinds Orion > Advanced Features > SolarWinds License Manager.
  2. When prompted to enter license information, select This server does not have internet access. Guide me through offline, manual activation and click Next.
  3. Click Copy Unique Machine ID.
  4. Paste the Unique Machine ID onto your preferred text editor.

    Change the Font to FixedSys to differentiate l, I and 1 as well as 0 and O.

  5. Log in to the Customer Portal on a machine with internet access.
  6. Go to Licensing and Maintenance > License Management.
  7. Expand the list item for your product and click Activate license manually.
  8. Enter your user and computer details, then paste the Unique Machine ID from your text editor into the appropriate field.
  9. Click Generate Key.
  10. Download your license file and save it to a safe location.
  11. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 in this procedure.
  12. In the Activate product (no internet connection) window, proceed to the last step by browsing to the license file you saved in Step 10.
  13. Click Next and complete the license registration.

Reset an ipMonitor license

You can reset your ipMonitor verstion 9.x.x license by launching the ipMonitor Configuration Program, clicking Software Licensing, and selecting Park License.

To reset your ipMonitor version 10.x and greater, contact SolarWinds Customer Support.


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