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SILICA v7.23 Whats New and Changes

Whats New on SILICA v7.23 launch on 4 Dec, 2015?

  • Full KARMA mode for fake AP. When this option is activated, SILICA will create a Fake Access Point for each probe request instead of only impersonating one SSID
  • Support for wireless cards based on the Ralink RT3572 chipset. SILICA will now ship with the Alfa AWUS052NH Dual-Band Wireless USB Adapter. This card is more sensitive and has better compatibility with 802.11n networks than the previous one. This is a major improvement in range, compatibility and reliability on the product. SILICA will also continue to support the Ubiquity SR-71 card (which is still a great card).
  • New GUI dialogs for better selecting Fake AP’s settings. ASCII WEP keys are now supported and SILICA will warn the user when invalid keys are set.
  • Added preferences option to set wireless regulatory domain.
  • Add an option to filter Credential Capture by domain name.
  • Fixed performance issue with WPA hash brute forcing.
  • Fixed driver issue that caused reduced throughput in Fake AP mode.

Immunity will support the old wireless card, but encourage all customers to switch to the new card. Immunity will be providing the card
upgrade to all our clients at cost and if you happen to need a license renewal, a shiny new Alfa card will be included.

The new SILICA Virtual machine (VM) is REQUIRED for activating SILICA 7.23.

Some of the changes include:

  • Based on ubuntu LTS 14.04
  • Updated wireless drivers.
  • Support for wireless cards based on the Ralink RT3572 chipset.