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We are interest for trial out Qualys solution, how can we proceed?

Qualys have three main segment offering,

Enterprise, Express and Express Lite.

In quick way to help you understanding, in general we can quickly divide by effective of IP count and volume can be cope in the most efficient way.

  • Enterprise Suite can start from 1 to unlimited. But be note ideal size is 3000 node and up scenario, any count below that will not be cost effective.
  • Express suite can start from 256 to 3000 IP.
  • Express lite for below 256 IP.
It will essential for you to know like total how many IP required for the Vulnerability Management (VM). In term of external IP and internal IP. For example, VM module with 100 external IP, 3000 internal IP.
In this case, we call it VM module external 100, internal 3000.
For external scenario, no need to run local scanner whether in the form of physical appliance or virtual appliance, since it run the scan from Qualys hosted infrastructure. However if local private network and internal IP require to be scan, then one physical or virtual scanner appliance is required.
So, the VM module, external 100 and internal 3000 will required at least one physical or virtual scanner appliance. Physical is cost more due to physical resources involved.
Upon you know in how many and which is the right plan for you, you can provide the information to E-SPIN to facilitate the estimate or budgetary quote and the Proof of Concept (POC) trial.