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We received the deployment plan, what to do next?

Before project kick off meeting, usually our service team will prepare and compile the deployment plan document for the specific product / solution you are subscribed.

That deployment plan will spell out all the expectation, statement of service work, background, requirement, pre deployment planning process, what will follow during deployment, and post deployment.

It will feature two section will require your company chop and signature.

Sometime, after the project kick meeting, we will required to submit revised deployment plan, sometime the earlier prepare version will be use across the entire deployment process.

For us to proceed, we need the first section to chop and sign back. Another section at the end of entire document is require to chop and sign after the service delivery.

Usually end user will chop and sign on end customer section, reseller (if any) will chop and sign on reseller section. Usually workflow will be end customer chop and sign, then reseller (if any) follow and then return back.