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What is Container Security? And how it is licensing? Container Security provides comprehensive visibility into the security of container images as they are developed, enabling vulnerability assessment, malware detection, policy enforcement, and remediation prior to container deployment. Container Security seamlessly integrates into CI/CD development environments, and provides a number of out‐of‐the box integrations with build systems commonly found in the enterprise, including Jenkins, Bamboo, Shippable and Travis, as well out‐of‐the box integrations with other common tools used in CI/CD environments. A fully documented and supported RESTful API is available for additional customizations and to enable data export from Container Security into other reporting tools or applications used by the security team.

As an application within the platform, Container Security is available as a cloud‐based solution. Another two application is Vulnerability Management, and Web Application Scanning.

Other related questions is on licensing.

How is Container Security priced and licensed?

  • Container Security is priced per gigabyte of container image storage and licensed via an annual subscription.

How as customers determine how many gigabytes of storage they need when purchasing Container Security?

Customers can determine how many gigabytes of storage they need during a Container Security trial. These trials offer unlimited application functionality and container image registry storage for 60 days. This ensures customers have ample time to explore the product, understand their current storage requirements, and monitor changes in storage size over time in order to gauge existing and future licensing needs.

What if a customer exceeds their licensed capacity of container image storage? Container Security lets customers monitor and adjust license consumption and then true up when necessary. If a customer temporarily exceeds their licensed capacity of container image storage, product usage will not be cut off. Of course, customers need to true up their container image storage when licensed storage amounts continue to be exceeded.

  • Discover: Container Security usage begins prior to sale. During the product trial, users will be able to see their current levels of container image storage in gigabytes, and can project their future storage growth based on new container image development.
  • Reconcile: As container image storage needs increase, customers can increase their licensed gigabytes of container image storage to support their typical consumption.

How can customers determine their actual container image storage?

  • In the very near future, the product’s user interface will display the licensed capacity of container image storage as well as the current amount of container image storage consumed in gigabytes. This capability is expected in Q3 2017.

How do I request a trial?

  • Please request E-SPIN, Tenable solution and business partner for arrange a proper Container Security trial.

Is there any additional cost for out‐of‐the box integrations with build systems like Jenkins or Bamboo, or out‐of‐the box integrations with other CI/CD tools, or for access to the RESTful API?

  • No.

What support offerings are available with the purchase of a Container Security subscription?

  • Standard Support is included with a Container Security subscription. Premium Support is available for an additional fee, together with range of E-SPIN local maintenance support base on different level of service level agreement (SLA) accordingly to your business and operation requirement.