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WhatsUp Gold how to create multi step action policy for alerting

For WhatsUp Gold (WUG) one of the common use and automated feature is auto trigger alerting and notification when the monitoring device reach the down and up, when reach the condition of how long the duration.

For example, device down for 5 minutes, send email notification and alerting. Same as well (even it is rare) for device up for 10 minutes (from down condition).

Below will be step by step guide based on the latest version while this article is developed. It is WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus edition.

Special remark: system default you will notice got 5 minutes only, so if you want to keep track for those 10 minutes (for example, or other X minutes), you need to first create the “custom stage change first”.

Login in the WUG admin console. Click on the menu “program action”.

As you can see from the screen, new state change added “device down for 10 minutes”.

For the second step “Device up 10 minutes” since it is based on the “device is down” then “device up” condition. So you need to set this policy for state change base on Down.

Choose from the Action Policy prompt up menu and select the one you just create, then click “ok” to apply it. See screenshot below.

Screenshot below show you once you attached the policy correctly into the device.

Once the “action policy” configure and setup properly. Then we can make the device down and testing the setting. Remember after down for the period, need to make device up to let second step policy “device down and then up for 10 minutes condition” to send out second email.

The final result, as you can see from the screenshot below (you are encourage to work on your own setting). The device down for 10 minutes and email send out; then the device (up from down condition) for at least 10 minutes and email send out. The combination is up to your end to figure out, as long as it do not conflict in term of the logic for trigger.