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WhatsUp Gold (WUG) 2018 Licensing and Feature Matrix

With the WUG 2018 is finally release on 7 March, 2018 but do come with completely different way for licensing. For those who already adopt the “total point“ licensing you got to re introduce back with the “device” based count licensing and addon for those advanced feature set and functionality, with additional on top “add on” licensing.

For the WUG 2017 total point licensing is maintain as well, but now as the “ultimate package”, all in but the rate had charge, since manufacturer believe the ”total point” previously is under charging customer, so they are revise the “total point” rate as well.

For new customer, basically got 3 plan to go, as term license (ie fixed 1 year license subscription), or as device based perpetual license and point based perpetual license.

For existing customer will upon upgrade if under your software entitlement, will auto upgrade and migrate you to one of the plan.

Before talk further, let see the matrix table below first, self explained.

For those “add on” you need to separate license accordingly on top.

Network Traffic Analysis (NTA)(formerly netflow monitor)  is advanced network traffic and bandwidth analyzer, widely depend for customer require to analyze in bound and outbound network traffic.

Application Monitoring (formerly application performance monitor APM) is use for advanced and complex enterprise application performance monitoring (APM).

Virtualization Monitoring (formerly whatsvirtual) is use for monitoring virtualized network environment.

Configuration Management (formerly whatsconfigured) is use for monitoring network device configuration for change, and backup management.

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