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WhatsUp Gold (WUG) project service typical statement of service work

E-SPIN Network System Application Monitoring (NSAM) WhatsUp Gold (WUG) project service depend on the project quote statement and committed service man days involved, it typical involve following variable or parameter you can cross check and reference with the quote / proposal received:

  • Project kick off meeting (a session of project kick off meeting that involve walkthru entire project requirement, base on the project procured item – hardware/software/service and what customer had or plan to have (like new infrastructure, equipment, hardware, software) and involved everyone in the session for layout what steps next until entire project sign off (typical follow up is what we called ‘deployment plan’ document (explain more in detail below)
  • Deployment Plan (a document usually after go thru the project kick off meeting, E-SPIN officer will prepare and compile a deployment, include all the thing, variable, steps, checklist, and forward to customer for go thru and signing, then execute)
  • Site Survey (a session for E-SPIN officer to go onsite for physically inspect deployment site condition, and document down the site condition and identified for any potential area of issue or concern that required highlight to customer prior able to carry out deployment plan – depend on the cases, sometime it will carry before deployment plan, sometime will carry out only after deployment is signed and executed, or other time may or may not had site survey in the project statement of service work, please check E-SPIN project proposal or quote for detailed)
  • Installation, testing and commisioing (depend on the customer subscribed product – hardware, software and services, the deliverable may involved shipping of hardware appliance box, assembly and plug into customer environment; installation of Windows Standard server operating system, turn on IIS web server, configured MSSQL server Standard, installation of application – in this case WhatsUp Gold application; or just on top of customer prepared Windows Server Standard operating system-Microsoft SQL Standard, perform WUG application installation). E-SPIN will then follow device list with credential submit during ‘deployment plan’ executed, and configured on the WUG. Customer need to make sure all their device/system is configured ready (like SNMP credential turn on, firewall allow traffic to WUG IP etc). The service will typical include E-SPIN assist customer to add SNMP enabled device into the WUG system, create infrastructure folder hierarchy for easy management, mapping device, create alerting policy, create user set, dashboard provisioning, configure standard monitoring parameter). The step will end when E-SPIN perform project UAT and sign off.
  • Project System documentation (this will involved to put all the project working configuration in the document for future reference) and hand over
  • Project sign off – upon all the above deliverables completion, E-SPIN will issue formal project sign off document for customer to sign and complete end the project and discharge for the project service (for customer had local onsite maintenance support on 8×5 or 24×7 subscription, it will cut over to maintenance, else the project end here).