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With the release of Acunetix 360, existing Acunetix Enterprise rename as Acunetix Premium, and Acunetix Standard. Special Edition of Acunetix Consultant work very similar like Acunetix Standard except it allow add/remove target and max 5 target, plus the option of compliance report and roaming 5 machine as the feature set. For more about special Consultant

This post is prepare for the existing customer who receiving above notice. The original post is below, already censored out important information and make it applicable for all the customer in more universal way. Background Information Acunetix web vulnerability scanner from v11 to v12 (over 1 year now), include also one of the fundamental change,

This document have update for version 12 ready. If you need to scan a .NET / PHP or Java (new in v12) web application, you should install Acunetix AcuSensor on your web application in order to improve the detection of vulnerabilities, get the line in the source code where vulnerabilities are located and to decrease

Acunetix do check for this vulnerability. It is part of Acunetix Local File Inclusion checks, and would be reported as LFI not NULL byte injection. Any chance for customer will mis configure and miss to detect it? It could be that the client is not configuring the target correctly and as such Acunetix is not

This is the same topic cover before and expand it and updated for cover v12 scenario and context. Depend on the final combination of the package offer, you may pick and mix the following into the case you work on: Appliance scenario Depend on your deployment scenario, it may either physical server appliance (pre built

This is two part of question, we answer it one part at a time. Below is answer base on v12 in context. Acunetix is a multi-user system. The first account that is created is the main admin account, also referred to as the root account. This main admin account can create additional users, giving a

Below is refer to old and legacy Acunetix v11 licensing and edition. For latest v12 (in effect since mid of 2018) and onward licensing, please refer to the right post. Below is keep for the archive purpose for various customer who may need and want to access to old information. Acunetix Licensing Acunetix (on premise)

This article will show you how to locate Acunetix Event tab and how to enable debug checkbox. Locate Event Tab Open Scan result Click on target link 3. Click on Events Tab 4. Adjust column to ensure all additional information in available as below.     How to enable “debug” checkbox? Open Target tab Click

One of the very popular and common issue for the recent few version of Acunetix WVS customer always ask is related to the topic of “activation” issue. Various scenario, but can grouping under the same heading and question answer together. First, you need to understand, manufacturer had their end user license agreement (EULA) governance the

Acunetix Enterprise 5 Scan Engine, it is enterprise grade solution that involved 5 installation of Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner, and each can handle up to 5 concurrent scan and all scan result saving into main installation to achieve centralized dashboard and management reporting purpose. On top of what required for the individual scanner need to