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1. Follow the email with your login credential, login to license portal and download the software (OS specific) and download license file. For customer with single administrator hold all the multiple users license, then the account with license file that will control for multiple activation up to license quantity. Enter your license key when requested.

This is very popular request for some sort of generic comparison. Be note at the moment Burp Suite got two Edition, Burp Suite Professional (for manual and advance testing), typically install into tester machine, whether it is laptop or desktop, since it need interactive testing and operate by user. Another edition is Burp Suite Enterprise

This is very common and widely ask question, in particular for new users had yet reading entire Burp Suite Pro documentation, or perform various manual testing cases yet. Just for quick recall, it is inside “intruder module”, “payload positions” tab. Inside got the pull down menu for “attack type”. Burp Intruder supports various attack types

Burp Suite Pro is license subscription product. Each customer will assign a login portal where depend on how many license in the account, it will show accordingly together with expire date. So, please provide our officer for the login and customer number (that email when you initial subscribe for the Burp Suite Pro, that id

Burp Suite as the web application security testing tool is gaining high momentum, due to market recognition and also due to the extreme affordable price point. For those still no sure and interest to know the difference, this is the article deal with the topic in depth. First let see the version comparison first. For

What languages is the software available in? The Burp Suite Professional software uses the English language within its user interface and output. Burp requires a computer with the official Java Runtime Environment (version 1.6 or later) installed. JREs are available for various popular operating systems, including Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. Burp requires a minimum

Burp Suite Professional is commercial grade web application security testing tool, to accelerate IT security, web application security developer and penetration tester work load on related to web site, web application and portal security testing, assessment, audit and penetration testing to test for various kinds of web application vulnerabilities. Depend on your generic or specific

Burp Suite is a Java application that can be used to secure or penetrate web applications. The suite consists of different tools, such as a proxy server, a web spider, intruder and repeater. When Burp Suite is used as a proxy server, it allows the user to manipulate the traffic that passes through it, i.e. between the web browser client and the web