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Canvas as the penetration and exploitation tool (just like the rest of the US product under this category) is under US Export control, in particular for user under government, government related organization and military clients. In general, US Export will require submission of the end user declaration as part of the purchase requirement. Without that

Hardware CANVAS runs well on any modern hardware. The simple question is to ask yourself how well your hardware runs your chosen operating system. If your hardware runs your OS well, then CANVAS will run well. Here are some minimum specs. 1.2ghz processor Chip architecture/OS must have Python 2.5 or greater support 1GB RAM 250mb

Usual process uses three tabs: Tab 1: sudo python –server start Tab 2: sudo python Tab 3: /bin/bash Tab 1 starts the engine, you’ll see your CANVAS log output here and any stray print()’s that are used. Tab 2 is your command line interface for receiving shells and tab 3 is handy to interact with the

Dated 23 Jun 2015, CANVAS release 7.02. In this CANVAS release bringing you 3 new modules and updates. Our new modules include an integer overflow on Adobe Flash Player silently patched in >, the ProFTPd remote file copy (CVE-2015-3306) and MS15-051. ==Changes== Improve scan import speed by temporarily disabling DNS lookups nessusxml  Remove support for