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At the time for this document, latest release Core Impact 2017 R2 (last checked 14-Sep-2017) System Requirements: Intel Core i5 (4th generation) or faster 8GB RAM minimum (16GB RAM recommended) 4GB Free Hard Disk Space (space requirements increase with the quantity of workspaces) A Windows-compatible Ethernet networking card. Core Impact works with wireless network interface cards Internet Explorer 11.0 or later Screen resolution:

Core Impact is pentesting tool. Depend on how you original purchase, it can be license under license subscription (LS) or perpetual license (PL) basis. And based on the whether it is unlimited IP or with fixed IP range edition basis. For renewal, you need to provide In general, subject to change without prior notice (

Core Impact Professional (in short Core Impact Pro), is industry de factor penetration testing tool. It use for perform various vulnerability management and penetration testing tasks. Licensing is all depend on your usage scenario and context. First decision you need to know, whether you are intent to use it for internal use (i.e. for internal