If your billing and shipping addresses are different, we must verify your shipping address for fraud prevention purposes. Verification of your shipping address will assist E-SPIN in confirming that the item paid for by you is delivered to you.

Yes. A Shipping and Handling fee involved for most of the cases for product delivery. The only exception is the electronic software delivery (ESD) product while email, secure FTP or portal access download manner. For professional services, such as installation, training and local maintenance support services, those charges already built in to respective services. For

Depend on the product your interest on purchase. Certain product do have demo, limited and full evaluation software for the fixed period product trial. It enabling your team to experience how the product performs before deciding if it’s right for you. What you use throughout your trial is what you will be receiving when you

Non-Persistent vs Persistent XSS Vulnerabilities Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities can be classified into two types: Non-persistent (or reflected) cross-site scripting vulnerabilities occur when the user input is reflected immediately on the page by server-side scripts without proper sanitization. Reflected XSS vulnerabilities are the most common type. Persistent (or stored) cross-site scripting vulnerabilities occur when user

Most of the client we served right now all leverage our local purchase/buying facilitation service, as all client prefer to trade locally for easy access to local support (pre sales, sales and post sales support) in the same time zone. For certain software product will required authorization, when require not just manufacturer supplying but also

E-SPIN does have channel structure in place to govern reseller purchase and offer reseller discounts. Discounts are only offered to official reseller cases, where the purchase is eventually supply to end user (subject to verification and declaration during the sales and purchase engagement stages). For reseller, please walk with customer services officer for your cases. In

UNSPSC support E-SPIN have make all the effort to make sure all our supply of solution, hardware, software and services compliance with The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC). We support the initiative of UNSPSC Classifying products and services with a common coding scheme facilitates commerce between buyers and sellers. Feel free to

Some product exports (from US) require an Export License before our Principal (usually manufacturer or developer) can ship your product (whether it is hardware or software). Some foreign countries have standards that you should be aware of too. Lastly, there are some countries that we cannot sell to (due to Principal trade compliance and US

When you request to take out a credit facility application, company may ask you for a guarantee. A guarantee basically ensures that the credit facility provide (i.e. the credit amount) will be repaid. A guarantee ensures that if you (as a company request for credit facility) cannot make your credit amount repayments, the guarantor will

Being a IT Services Delivery company running in the global scale, E-SPIN has adopted the Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) model for most of the products delivery (in particular for software licensing). Therefore software is available only via download from our end or respective manufacturer secure website. This enables us and manufacturer to continuously improve the product